Saturday, September 26, 2009


The Kitch family and Grandma JoAnne spent our Dieciocho holiday in Uruguay and had a great time.  We spent a couple of days Montevideo, which has a very nice casual pace for a capital city.  The people are friendly and at least 75% of them walk around with a mate cup and thermos of hot water in their hands.

We arrived late Saturday and spent Sunday walking around the city.  Things were kind of slow but we got in a huge street market that spanned over 7 city blocks.  We also went to an agricultural exhibition that had over 90,000 people attend.  It was packed and very much like any ag-exhibit back home.  We also spent some time walking around the plazas.
Then it was off to Colonia del Sacremento, an old Portuguese smuggling town that is still well preserved.  The weather was great and we enjoyed a lot of walks along old cobblestone streets.  The town was originally built in 1680 and is full of character and good restaurants.  The kids also got some time in throwing stones into the Rio de la Plata.

Our last four days were spent in Punta del Este, a beach where all the rich and famous go to in summer.  Since it was low season, it was pretty much empty.  Unfortunately, the weather was really bad so we spent a lot of time indoors but we did visit Casapueblo, which we enjoyed a lot.

Click the picture below for a slideshow of our trip.
Uruguay Trip 2009
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