Sunday, September 06, 2009

Our little slugger and dance machine!

Since we've been back in Santiago, we've been busy socializing. We had to see everyone that we hadn't seen in a few weeks so it seemed like we were out every morning visiting or running errands. But it's been great to see everyone again. We've also started getting back into a routine again - tutoring and scrapbooking for me, horse lessons for Kirsi and playing all together once Daddy gets home.

This morning, the kids were up before the crack of dawn so we've been doing lots of playing in the living room. The kids have cooked all kinds of food for us, they've done some dancing and Kirsi played some baseball. Der tossed the balls to her and she hit them. She did a great job - it was awesome how many she hit!

Aidan has a great new dance move. He makes a fist, puts his elbow on his hip and bounces up and down. It's hilarious!

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