Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Has spring really sprung?

After another cold, rainy weekend in Santiago, we have enjoyed one beautiful spring day. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and it looks like today will be too. Is it too hopeful to think that spring might finally be here? I've got the weather forecast up for Santiago and it looks like one cloudy day is in store for the next week. That I can handle, but I'm not holding my breath. Usually by this time, the weather is perfect and we enjoy lots of time outside. Yesterday, the kids spent an hour at the park with Pascuala while Der and I were at work (I'm still tutoring). Today, the plan is to get out for a walk and some playground time also. Plus, Kirsi has her horse-riding lessons today. Let's hope that this is spring for good now and we can get the sand toys, hats and sunscreen out for a few months!
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