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Has spring really sprung?

After another cold, rainy weekend in Santiago, we have enjoyed one beautiful spring day. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and it looks like today will be too. Is it too hopeful to think that spring might finally be here? I've got the weather forecast up for Santiago and it looks like one cloudy day is in store for the next week. That I can handle, but I'm not holding my breath. Usually by this time, the weather is perfect and we enjoy lots of time outside. Yesterday, the kids spent an hour at the park with Pascuala while Der and I were at work (I'm still tutoring). Today, the plan is to get out for a walk and some playground time also. Plus, Kirsi has her horse-riding lessons today. Let's hope that this is spring for good now and we can get the sand toys, hats and sunscreen out for a few months!


The Kitch family and Grandma JoAnne spent our Dieciocho holiday in Uruguay and had a great time.  We spent a couple of days Montevideo, which has a very nice casual pace for a capital city.  The people are friendly and at least 75% of them walk around with a mate cup and thermos of hot water in their hands.

We arrived late Saturday and spent Sunday walking around the city.  Things were kind of slow but we got in a huge street market that spanned over 7 city blocks.  We also went to an agricultural exhibition that had over 90,000 people attend.  It was packed and very much like any ag-exhibit back home.  We also spent some time walking around the plazas.
Then it was off to Colonia del Sacremento, an old Portuguese smuggling town that is still well preserved.  The weather was great and we enjoyed a lot of walks along old cobblestone streets.  The town was originally built in 1680 and is full of character and good restaurants.  The kids also got some time in throwing stones into the Rio …

Trip to Uruguay


We've been slowly working on a blog about our trip to Montevideo and it's almost ready.  In the meantime, I thought I would post some videos of the trip.  Uruguay is a beautiful country.

Driving to Colonia & Colonia del Sacramento

Kirsi didn't realize she was being videotaped here. She's become quite a little model in front of the camera and loves to pose!

Driving to Punta del Este & Punta del Este

Haircut day

Today was haircut day in our household. Gramma did her hair first and then started with Aidan, then Kirsi and then Mommy. We love Aidan's little hippie hairdo and all his little curls but it's getting hard to control it. He gets wicked bedhead and then it takes a lot of work to get it under control. Kirsi was next. Her hair was getting quite long so I asked Mom to take a good chunk off. She looks so sweet now and her hair looks super healthy.

OK, there is a whole new format to this and I have to figure out how to move pictures and text.  I hate changes that aren't obvious!

Our little slugger and dance machine!

Since we've been back in Santiago, we've been busy socializing. We had to see everyone that we hadn't seen in a few weeks so it seemed like we were out every morning visiting or running errands. But it's been great to see everyone again. We've also started getting back into a routine again - tutoring and scrapbooking for me, horse lessons for Kirsi and playing all together once Daddy gets home.

This morning, the kids were up before the crack of dawn so we've been doing lots of playing in the living room. The kids have cooked all kinds of food for us, they've done some dancing and Kirsi played some baseball. Der tossed the balls to her and she hit them. She did a great job - it was awesome how many she hit!

Aidan has a great new dance move. He makes a fist, puts his elbow on his hip and bounces up and down. It's hilarious!