Sunday, August 16, 2009

More summertime pictures

Our time in Avonlea was busy. We didn't get in as many visits as we had hoped but we did get to visit with some people. We had a Wagner family reunion at Dunnet on July 25th and that was fun. We went swimming and Kirsi tried mini golfing for the first time. I think she liked writing down the scores more than anything. That's where she met her new friend, Olivia. :)

Then we went in to Regina to the Science Centre and spent the afternoon there with Auntie Kristin and Uncle Dean. It was lots of fun!

Aidan loves the bubbles!

Driving the combine:

Making more bubbles:

Aidan and Gramma (notice he's playing in Gramma's water cup):

Playing mini golf:

Bunny ears:

Kirsi with Auntie and Uncle:

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