Monday, July 06, 2009

Back in Canada

We arrived in Canada on Saturday, June 27th - yahoo! We spent the first day with my family in Avonlea. It was great to see Mom, Dad, Kristin, Dean, Bruce, Deanna and Teagan again. :) Then on Sunday, we headed to Manitoba to Der's stomping grounds. It was so fun to see Del, Ilene, Ian, Rhonda, Brody and Hannah and Trav, Rhonda, Carson and Grace. We headed up to the lake the next day. It was fabulous to spend sunny, summer days at the lake. Ian and Rhonda opened up their cabin to us and Brody and Hannah gave up their room for us. What great hospitality!

We spent a lot of time at the beach, which the kids loved! Aidan was happiest playing in the sand and the mud. Kirsi loved playing in the sand and making trenches, castles and pouring water. The kids went for rides on the boat and on the tube; Aidan was indifferent to the rides and Kirsi thought it was pretty fun. Kirsi discovered sunflower seeds and freezies this time in Canada. And she loves both. :)

We're back in Swan River now. Aidan enjoyed his first ice cream cone at Shivers, my favourite ice cream place. Kirsi loves playing outside with Nana and Papa and helping Papa in the garden. She has taken a liking to Nana and Papa's garden gnomes, especially the bunny and the fox (that she calls her pretend puppy). Playing in the treehouse that Daddy, Uncle Ian and Uncle Travis has become a favourite activity too.

Pictures will come as soon as I get them downloaded. :)

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