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Aidan's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to our little boy! I cannot believe that one year has already gone by and that my baby isn't a little baby anymore!! :(

We had a little party yesterday to celebrate the big year milestone. Der cooked one of Aidan's favourite meals - stirfry - and we had Julie, David, Asher and Liesl and Carey over for supper to help us celebrate. It was a whole lot of fun and very relaxed. Kirsi was sooooo excited to have our guests over and to finally be able to dig into the cake.

Aidan's monkey cake (for our little monkey):

Singing "Happy Birthday":

Taste of cake:

Poke, poke. This is what Aidan always does with food he's never had before.

Heh, heh! This icing is pretty good! Though he wasn't too fond of the cake.

Ooh, icing is fun to smear all over too!

As you can see, he ate some icing and smashed and squished his cake.

Chocolate icing everywhere!

Kirsi helped Aidan open a present (his baby):

Oooh, what's in here?

For more pictures, go to our Photobucket…

Photo Thursday

Just some fun photos since we haven't updated much lately.