Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New horse

Today was horse riding lessons again but it was the first time we went to the new location. Before, Kirsi's lessons were just up the road from us, 8 minutes door-to-door. Now, we have to drive 20 minutes to get there and at least 25 minutes to get back (depending on the traffic). Kirsi was very excited to see Miss Tole again and Chilindrina, her little pony. But today, Kirsi didn't ride Chilindrina, she rode a bigger pony named Cubito. She looked so small brushing him; Tole had to lift her up so she could reach his back. :)

Tole moved to join the oldest equestrian club in Santiago that has a well-established pony club. It seems that they do things a little differently than Tole did on her own. Kirsi was in a group of 6 kids today, as opposed to 3, but Tole stayed with her the whole time, thank goodness. There was the main teacher who did the class (Maria Ignacia) and she helped out the kids who needed it but she was not one-on-one with them like we have been used to with Tole. We'll see how things go the next few weeks to see if we're still as happy with the new program as we were with the one at the Aventura Pony Club. Kirsi enjoyed her first lesson there, but she kept asking me why she didn't clean her pony's hooves (like she normally does). :)
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