Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great weekend

We had a fantastic long weekend. It's always great to have Der home with us for more than the normal 2-day weekends. Thursday was a relaxed day. Kirsi and I went over to Mary Brett and Richard's place to take some pictures of their kiddos, Jayde and Parker. It's so pretty here with the fall colours so I got some good shots of them. Jayde and Kirsi are the same age, just 3 weeks difference, but they haven't had the chance to play together much. They had a great time playing with Play Doh after the photo shoot. Then, that afternoon, I took Kirsi and Aidan over to Agustina's house to play. Agu and Monica were great hostesses, like usual, and they had made a cake for snack time. Kirsi had so much fun playing with Agu - jumping on the trampoline, playing with all her toys and playing with bubbles. We need to get together with them more often!

Friday we went to the zoo, which was a lot of fun. Saturday was more of an organizing day - Der got the upstairs more ready for moving the kids up there when winter comes in full force. He's waiting on me to get the baby stuff sorted before he tackles the storage room. I need to get on that soon! We were having guests over so I made my Spinach-Feta (without the fet because of the listeria scare here) Dip and I tried a new recipe from my favourite site, I tried a Baked Apple Pudding. It turned out pretty well but not my all-time favourite dessert. Good for a dessert if you don't have much time.

Saturday night we had Julie and David over for games night. We enjoy their company so much; they're so much fun and are great people. (They are the parents of Asher and Liesl, the kids our kids play with all the time.) Julie and I are very good friends so it will be hard to say good-bye to her in less than a month now. They're going back to the U.S. for a year and then who knows. Maybe one day we'll be in the same general area. :) We have talked about coming back to Chile at the same time for Aidan and Liesl to visit the country they were born in. That would be super fun!

Today, we went to church, which was great as we had missed three Sundays in a row. The best news about church was that Aidan made it through the readings and the homily without needing to be taken outside! Lately, he's been so loud in church that Der has to take him outside almost as soon as the Mass starts! But today, he was happy to eat his rice cakes while we got to listen to the readings and homily. This is a good sign! After church, I was really wanting to go out for breakfast/brunch but there's no great place to do that. There's one cafe here that serves breakfast all day but it's overpriced and you don't get much food. We need a good breakfast place here. I'd love to eat at Chez Cora again!!

This afternoon, I went to Starbucks to meet up with my crafts ladies. It was a huge group today - Julie S., Marielle, Julie M., Amie, Mary Brett and two new ladies, Teri and Julie. We had a great time, chatting and doing our thing (I took my scrapbooking again). And I managed to get 4 pages done too!
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