Monday, April 20, 2009


The first Sunday following Easter Sunday is the celebration of Quasimodo, here in Lo Barnechea. This is a celebration of communion. Someone takes communion to the sick, to those who cannot go to Mass and many other people accompany him as protectors. The huasos (cowboys) of Lo Barnechea gather together on Quasimodo Sunday and dress up themselves and their horses and make a parade through the streets of Lo Barnechea. People decorate their gates along the parade route and you hear shouts of "Viva Cristo Rey" (Long live Christ the King!) Then, at noon, there is a huge mass held in the "medialuna" (the rodeo arena) of LB for everyone to attend. We live in a "rural" suburb of Santiago in the sense that we are close to the mountains and there are many people who have farms and horses in this area. Quasimodo does not happen in many suburbs of Santiago, just those that have a big "huaso" community. It is the most cultural event that I've seen here in Santiago and it's so neat to see the huasos and their horses dressed up.

Here is the start of the parade at Plaza San Enrique:

It's not only men who participate - look at this little guy:

There's a whole family in this cart. Look at that little baby:

This man and boy are wearing traditional huaso gear, not the robes and scarves that most people wear on Quasimodo Sunday.

Look at the colourful costumes for the horses. And some horses and riders match!

And it's not just horses that participate. Cars, trucks, go-carts...


One of my favourite shots:

Isn't he sweet?

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