Saturday, April 04, 2009

Our little girl turns 3!

Today was a big day for our family - it was Kirsi's 3rd birthday! It was a very busy week getting ready for our two birthday parties - yes, two! - but it was totally worth it.

Kirsi wanted a Charlotte's Web theme this year so that's what we went with. I made a Wilbur cake for her, one carrot cake and one chocolate cake. Der made chili, our version of "slop". We made animal decorations for the dining room so we could be with Wilbur and his friends during the party. It's a really fun theme to plan a birthday party with.

Kirsi with Wilbur:

On Wednesday, we had a birthday party for Kirsi's playgroup friends - Caroline, Zane, Ethan, Caitlin, Nico and Noah and the babies, Lucas, Maya, Ana Sofia, Billy, Bella and of course, Aidan. Everyone brought something to share at the party so we had lots of food and there were lots of people there to celebrate with us.

This morning, Kirsi woke up and was so excited! She knew today was her birthday and that she'd be having lots of fun. Before her party, Kirsi got to open her presents from us and from Auntie Rhonda, Uncle Ian, Brody and Hannah. She had lots of fun playing with her new things. Today we had a smaller birthday party for Kirsi's older friends or friends not from our Nido group. Asher and Liesl, Agustina, Marin and Thomas and Antonia came to celebrate with us today. We had a morning birthday party and it was perfect - the kids were all in great moods and had lots of time to play together before we had lunch and then cake. After a short nap, we went out to Starbucks and Kirsi got to have her very own "coffee". We got her a chocolate frappuccino and she loved it. I know she felt super special. The guys at Starbucks were great - they brought it up to her and had a candle in the cream. They sang "Happy Birthday" to her in Spanish and she was so surprised. She didn't know what to do so she snuggled in close to me while they sang to her.

It's so hard to believe that our baby girl is 3 years old. The time has gone so fast, just like everyone says it does. Once you're a parent, I think time goes even more quickly. Kirsi is no longer a toddler, she hasn't been for a while. She's definitely a little girl now. She talks all the time and tells all kinds of stories. Often what she says seems too old for a 3-year-old to say. For example, after watching "Charlotte's Web", she now says, "It's so unjust!" if we do something that she doesn't think is fair. Or when we're doing something that we don't normally do, she pipes up with, "I can't believe it!" We have had such a great time with our little girl these last three years and I know we're going to have so many more great times with her in the years to come. Happy Birthday, Kirsi Bear!! We love you!

Here's Kirsi with her blue ribbon, just like Wilbur:

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