Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend as we did. Der had Thursday and Friday off so we had a long weekend together. Thursday we took care of some business (got our permanent residency cards and renewed our drivers' licenses) before going to a pool birthday party. The kids had a blast in the pool. Aidan loved the water - he even liked going underneath the water and splashing. What a kid! Kirsi loves swimming but isn't so keen on getting her face wet.

Friday we went to La Campana, a park about 2 hours northwest of Santiago. Our plan was to go for a hike but both kids were pretty tired by the time we got there so we only got a kilometre in. We still had a good hike, though it was short. And we got to have a picnic at the park too which was fun. Here are some pictures from our trip there.

Saturday was a very chilled out day. Der was in the mood to get some spring cleaning done and I felt guilty so I helped him out. I will admit that he's the one who gets that kind of cleaning done - I will never start it on my own but will get going once he does. I wonder why that is. Anyways, that's beside the point. We hung out together all day long and then we dyed Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hide. Kirsi loved dyeing the eggs and Aidan enjoyed watching her and munching on Cheerios at the same time. :)

And today was the big day! The Easter Bunny visited our house last night so Kirsi and Aidan had to go on an egg hunt this morning. Aidan found one egg and he was happy to play with that. It was up to Kirsi to find the rest, but she was totally up for it! She couldn't believe how many eggs the Easter Bunny left and that there were chocolate eggs too. Once she figured out that the Easter Bunny had hid the eggs in sneaky places, she got pretty good at finding them all. The Easter Bunny brought Kirsi some chocolates in her basket too and brought Aidan a little Easter Bunny since Aidan can't have chocolate yet.

Happy Easter everyone!

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