Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Thursday, Kirsi and I went out to a friend's place for an Easter egg dyeing party. There were 4 other little ones there to dye eggs. Kirsi liked choosing what colour to make the egg and seeing how it would come out of the dye. Then she had a blast playing with the kids after the dyeing was finished.

On Sunday, we had the annual Nido Easter egg hunt. Darlene hid all the eggs around International Park and others brought a few chocolates to hide. The kids had so much fun looking for the eggs all around the park. Kirsi filled up her basket pretty quickly so we just looked for eggs to help the other kids. Aidan wasn't very interested in the eggs at all; he took one and just waved it in the air before sticking it in his mouth. We had a great potluck meal after the hunt and then the kids had fun running around the park with Der and another daddy. It was a great afternoon!

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