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The first Sunday following Easter Sunday is the celebration of Quasimodo, here in Lo Barnechea. This is a celebration of communion. Someone takes communion to the sick, to those who cannot go to Mass and many other people accompany him as protectors. The huasos (cowboys) of Lo Barnechea gather together on Quasimodo Sunday and dress up themselves and their horses and make a parade through the streets of Lo Barnechea. People decorate their gates along the parade route and you hear shouts of "Viva Cristo Rey" (Long live Christ the King!) Then, at noon, there is a huge mass held in the "medialuna" (the rodeo arena) of LB for everyone to attend. We live in a "rural" suburb of Santiago in the sense that we are close to the mountains and there are many people who have farms and horses in this area. Quasimodo does not happen in many suburbs of Santiago, just those that have a big "huaso" community. It is the most cultural event that I've see…

Riding Lessons

Today was Kirsi's first horseback riding lesson and it was fabulous! We went to find out more about it on Monday and there was a spot open for her age on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 so we took it. It was awesome! Kirsi was so excited to go to her lesson - she even agreed to go down early for a nap. :)

The "Poney Club" is about 5 minutes from our house, just up the road towards the hills. Ms. Tole is Kirsi's teacher and she's amazing. She's so patient and she knows how much to do with the little ones without overwhelming them. First off, Kirsi took care of her pony, Chilindrina. She brushed her all over, even her tail and mane, and then she cleaned out her hooves. Then she helped get all the tack out - the saddle, blankets and reins.

Once she got the horse taken care of, she was ready to ride. Ms. Tole and Kirsi led Chilindrina down to the riding ring.

Then Kirsi got to ride...all by herself! They worked on balance - leaning forward to touch the pony&…

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend as we did. Der had Thursday and Friday off so we had a long weekend together. Thursday we took care of some business (got our permanent residency cards and renewed our drivers' licenses) before going to a pool birthday party. The kids had a blast in the pool. Aidan loved the water - he even liked going underneath the water and splashing. What a kid! Kirsi loves swimming but isn't so keen on getting her face wet.

Friday we went to La Campana, a park about 2 hours northwest of Santiago. Our plan was to go for a hike but both kids were pretty tired by the time we got there so we only got a kilometre in. We still had a good hike, though it was short. And we got to have a picnic at the park too which was fun. Here are some pictures from our trip there.

Saturday was a very chilled out day. Der was in the mood to get some spring cleaning done and I felt guilty so I helped him out. I will admit that he…

Easter Egg Hunt

Last Thursday, Kirsi and I went out to a friend's place for an Easter egg dyeing party. There were 4 other little ones there to dye eggs. Kirsi liked choosing what colour to make the egg and seeing how it would come out of the dye. Then she had a blast playing with the kids after the dyeing was finished.

On Sunday, we had the annual Nido Easter egg hunt. Darlene hid all the eggs around International Park and others brought a few chocolates to hide. The kids had so much fun looking for the eggs all around the park. Kirsi filled up her basket pretty quickly so we just looked for eggs to help the other kids. Aidan wasn't very interested in the eggs at all; he took one and just waved it in the air before sticking it in his mouth. We had a great potluck meal after the hunt and then the kids had fun running around the park with Der and another daddy. It was a great afternoon!

Our little girl turns 3!

Today was a big day for our family - it was Kirsi's 3rd birthday! It was a very busy week getting ready for our two birthday parties - yes, two! - but it was totally worth it.

Kirsi wanted a Charlotte's Web theme this year so that's what we went with. I made a Wilbur cake for her, one carrot cake and one chocolate cake. Der made chili, our version of "slop". We made animal decorations for the dining room so we could be with Wilbur and his friends during the party. It's a really fun theme to plan a birthday party with.

Kirsi with Wilbur:

On Wednesday, we had a birthday party for Kirsi's playgroup friends - Caroline, Zane, Ethan, Caitlin, Nico and Noah and the babies, Lucas, Maya, Ana Sofia, Billy, Bella and of course, Aidan. Everyone brought something to share at the party so we had lots of food and there were lots of people there to celebrate with us.

This morning, Kirsi woke up and was so excited! She knew today was her birthday and that she'd be …