Friday, March 20, 2009

Sick little boy

Our little Aidan is a sick boy. On Sunday, he developed a fever and it stayed with him till Tuesday late afternoon. It stayed around 38.5C until Tuesday when it slowly went down and then finally broke. Plus, he'd been having diarrhea for a few days, up until yesterday. Yesterday he was so cranky, nothing made him happy - not playing, not walking, not being held, not nursing, not eating, not sleeping. It was a rough day for our poor little guy and then Der discovered that he had a rash all over his back. Last night, he had a bad night too. He woke up screaming and couldn't settle down for a long time for most of the night. That's when we decided that he needed to see a doctor. It ends up he has an ear infection in his left ear and the rest of the symptoms - rash, diarrhea, fever - are due to a virus. So, our little guy is fighting off two things at once. Poor little boy!

Kirsi and I both have colds too but we're not nearly as bad as Aidan. Kirsi had a rough day on Sunday but since then, she's been fine except for a runny nose. I've got lots of congestion and can't taste right now but I'm OK.

Before sickness hit our household, we went to the beach for the day last Saturday and it was a blast. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand! Here are some pics of our day:

This is too cool!

Kirsi and Aidan playing together:

You can see how happy he is to be playing in the sand:

Daddy and Kirsi napping on the beach:

Kirsi and her seaweed leash:

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