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Good thing I went to church

This morning, I took the kids to church and Der stayed home because he's getting sick with a cold. Well, good thing I went because we sat in front of someone pretty important. It was only when we shook hands for peace that I realized that we had sat in front of Vice-President Joe Biden, his wife and daughter. Very cool!

Some new pictures

Here are a few new pictures of the kiddos. Enjoy!

See my teeth?

9 months old:

Having fun in the ball castle!

Standing up with the Pooh car:

Playing in the water is just too fun!

Kirsi loves writing:

Cutie pie:

Playing with the drawers is fun!

And playing in dirt is fun too!

Argentine Adventures, Part 5

After our wildlife adventure on the Valdes Peninsula and Atlantic coast, we headed back through the Patagonia towards the mountains. We would have liked to only drive 6 or 7 hours and then have a break but there just wasn't anywhere to stop. There was a hotel about 5 hours in but we wanted to get further along than that. So, we just decided to do it all again. Yep, another 13-hour-drive ahead of us.

It went really well and the kids were really good too. We got to Esquel, which is the beginning of the Andes once again - this was after crossing the Patagonian steppe. About half an hour north of Esquel, we heard a funny noise. We pulled over and discovered that one of our tires had blown. Nice. The good thing was that we were only half an hour out of town and it was about 2:30 in the afternoon on Saturday so we should be able to get the work done. So, Der changed the tire and off we went back to Esquel to get the tire changed. I learned that a place that deals in tires is c…

Birthday Party Prep

Kirsi's birthday is less than two weeks away so that means that I'm in birthday party mode! We're doing two parties this year. One is a playgroup party - a normal playgroup where dinner is potluck but we'll have a birthday cake at the end in celebration. That one will be on April 1st and will include all her playgroup friends. Then on April 4th, we'll have another party. We've invited 5 friends who don't come to playgroup and that's where we'll have decorations and party favours. I decided that it's just way too much work for me to do one big party - I don't get to enjoy it at all. So this way, it'll be much easier and low-key. At least I'm hoping it will be!

Today we went to the party store to try and find decorations and treats for the goodie bags. Kirsi has chosen to have a Charlotte's Web party so I've been trying to come up with some fun ideas. Her cake will be a piggy cake and it's super easy - the easiest …

Sick little boy

Our little Aidan is a sick boy. On Sunday, he developed a fever and it stayed with him till Tuesday late afternoon. It stayed around 38.5C until Tuesday when it slowly went down and then finally broke. Plus, he'd been having diarrhea for a few days, up until yesterday. Yesterday he was so cranky, nothing made him happy - not playing, not walking, not being held, not nursing, not eating, not sleeping. It was a rough day for our poor little guy and then Der discovered that he had a rash all over his back. Last night, he had a bad night too. He woke up screaming and couldn't settle down for a long time for most of the night. That's when we decided that he needed to see a doctor. It ends up he has an ear infection in his left ear and the rest of the symptoms - rash, diarrhea, fever - are due to a virus. So, our little guy is fighting off two things at once. Poor little boy!

Kirsi and I both have colds too but we're not nearly as bad as Aidan. Kirsi had a rough d…


Yesterday, all of us headed out on a Santiago adventure, with Tito, a man who works for the school. It took us way back to when we first arrived here. We applied for permanencia, which is a permanent resident visa. There are a few benefits. One is that we don't have to go through the annual renewal process. And the other big one is that we can apply for a Lider Presto card, which gives us big discount on our groceries. That'll be golden when we can get it.

So we left the school bright and early, around 7:45 and headed downtown to the International Police station. It's located near the Central Market here so we drove past the vendors getting ready for the day - pretty neat to see. We hardly had to wait at the police station, maybe 15 minutes. We got our files processed, our pictures taken with a web camera and got our printouts. Then off we went to the City Hall in Vitacura to get a new ID card. That was where we waited for a while. Normally, it's not too lon…

Every day happenings

I haven't been updating our everyday activities because I've wanted to finish the travel blogs first. Well, I have discovered that doing a travel blog like I want it is very time consuming!! So, there will be a break in the Argentine Adventures just to fill you in on our lives.

We are doing really well. Kirsi is growing up more and more every day. She's getting to be such a big girl. Can you believe her 3rd birthday will be here in a month?! Aidan is now 8 months old and is crawling. He's only now starting to enjoy the freedom and exploring that crawling provides him so he's doing more now. Before, it was just too much work! Right now he's examining the digital scale and thinking it's pretty cool!

We've been to the zoo, to Cerro Santa Lucia and gone on a picnic to the playground. We're enjoying the last days of summer; Der says that this is the last week for the pool because it's getting too darn cold!!

Here are some pics of the kids late…