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Argentine Adventures, Part 4

There has got to be an easier way to do pictures for this blog. I upload 5 at a time, which doesn't take long but then I spend forever rearranging the pictures because I have to move each one individually. Plus, with the format of our blog, I have to resize the horizontal pictures or they get cut off. Anyone in the know, please let me know!!

OK, so the Valdes Peninsula. We reserved our cabin at Puerto Piramides for 3 nights, back in January and they were booked solid every night we were there and afterwards also, so we needed to see everything we wanted to see in those 2 days. The cabin was pretty cute, though we didn't think as highly of them once we woke up and found that Kirsi was covered in bites and I had a couple too. The next morning, Kirsi had even more and now Aidan had them. And of course, the third morning, the kids had some more bites on them. We're assuming they were bed bugs but who knows because Der didn't get bit up at all. Maybe they were just b…

Argentine Adventures, Part 3

Sorry that it's been so long since the last update. We've had some pretty rough nights of sleeping in our household and that has led to me being braindead, which really isn't conducive to coherent writing!

We left Bariloche early, 5:30 am, and headed out towards the Atlantic Coast. When we were planning our trip, with the guide book as our resource, we didn't realize how far it was between Bariloche and Puerto Piramides. We assumed it would be about a 6-hour drive. Wrong! It turned out to be a 13-hour drive! There was nowhere to really stop either because they were really just tiny towns in the middle of Patagonia; they had gas stations but not many other amenities. Thankfully, the kids did really well. Thank goodness we have the portable DVD player; when she got bored of playing with her toys and reading, Kirsi would watch some Backyardigans or Blue's Clues or Franklin. It helped to pass the time. Aidan did well, though I ended up sitting in the back seat…

Argentine Adventures, Part 2

The day we drove to Bariloche, Der wasn't feeling well at all. He had gotten the flu overnight and was dealing with the chills, a fever and bad muscle aches, but he managed to get us there safely. He laid down for a while and I just hung out with the kids at the cabin. They had a few things to play with outside so Kirsi was happy. When Der woke up, he was feeling worse. His muscles were so sore. So other than get to Bariloche that first day, we didn't do anything in the hopes of Der getting better. The next day, he felt even worse. He was having problems breathing and he was so sore he could hardly move. We waited until about noon before deciding to go to the clinic. Of course we had to wait for quite a while but we finally got in. The doctor did a bunch of checks, including an EKG and X-rays of Der's chest and abdomen. Everything came back normal and she couldn't find any explanation for the pain getting worse so she spoke to a cardiologist. He recommende…

Argentine Adventures, Part 1

Wow, it's been a while since the last update, hasn't it? Our last 10 days were spent in Saskatchewan. We did a whirlwind tour of Saskatoon and only managed to meet up with three friends, as opposed to getting to see everyone, but it was a great visit nonetheless. Then we went back to Avonlea for the rest of our time in Canada. It was great to spend the time with everyone there and it was a sad, sad day when we left on Jan. 30th. I kept telling myself that June is only 5 months away so it's not that bad and I managed to stay pretty strong, by my standards anyways. :)

The kids did really well on the flights. We flew to Toronto and then had 8 hours there again so we got a hotel room again. The hotel room really saved us as I don't know how the kids would've done with waiting in the airport for that long. The flight to Santiago left at midnight so it was a little harder than the flight from Santiago, which left at 9:20. Aidan fell asleep in the hotel room and …