Thursday, January 01, 2009

Swan River

On Monday, we packed up and left for Swan River. We stopped in Regina to visit with Trent and Kaz a bit more since their flight didn’t leave until that evening. We met at the Starbucks in the Victoria Square Mall; I thought it would be better than the ultra-busy Starbucks in Chapters. It was weird, though; it was inside the Safeway. It was a tiny space, with just a few tables and seats. Oh well, at least it wasn’t busy and we had a good visit.

The trip to Swan River was uneventful, which is good. The kids were excellent until we got to Yorkton. Then they’d had enough of the car so they got a bit cranky but not too bad. Nana and Papa were waiting for us to get there. Our welcoming party was bigger than just Nana and Papa, though. Hannah, Brody, Uncle Ian and Auntie Rhonda also came to welcome us home.
We’ve been busy since we’ve been in Swan River. On Tuesday, Auntie and Uncle took us bowling. It was lots of fun and Kirsi absolutely loved it! They can put up bumpers for little kids so their balls don’t go in the gutter – I needed that myself! ☺ Kirsi loved throwing the balls and watching the pins fall. Every time anyone hit any pins, she yelled, “Woo Hoo!” Too cute! By the end, she was throwing her balls – somehow they made their way down to the end and even knocked some pins down.

Yesterday, Rhonda and I made my traditional trek to Minitonas to the Holmstead Emporium. We had to make it a quick trip but it was good to get back there; I love that little store. Barb has items in there that I don’t find anywhere else – I always find good stuff in there. December 31st is Ian and Rhonda’s anniversary so we went over there for supper. We had pizza and Dairy Queen ice cream cake in celebration. ☺ The guys (and Nana) watched the Juniors hockey game between Canada and the USA while the girls went downstairs and played and watched Treehouse TV. It was a great way to spend New Year’s Eve – quiet and with family.

Kirsi loves spending so much time with her cousins. Brody and Hannah have come to play with her every day since we’ve been here and she’s been in heaven. Aidan has been a happy little boy, even though he’s teething like mad. And both kids have developed a cold, and given it to Nana. Der and I are trying our best to ward off colds ourselves; let’s hope we keep it up!
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