Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunday was freezing cold here - I'm sure it was -40C with the windchill!! We went to church in the morning and it didn't seem too bad when we went there. But coming back, it was so cold, there are no words to describe it. Wowzers! It was the perfect day to stay inside but we wanted to visit with one of Der's cousins who was here from Alberta. So, after naps, we made our way over to Aunt Louanne and Uncle Dwight's house to see Roanne, Daren and their kiddos. We hadn't met Bryce or Kenna yet and Kayla was a lot bigger than the last time we saw her! It was good to get to visit with everyone again.

Monday was back to school for Brody and Hannah so Kirsi was going through B and H withdrawals. :) Luckily they managed to come over for a little while later in the afternoon so Kirsi wasn't missing them too much.

Yesterday, Nana and I took Kirsi grocery shopping for the first time since we've been here and she loved it. My little girl loves shopping! In the afternoon, Der was putting Kirsi down for her nap and she wasn't wanting to go to sleep. Der told her that she had to sleep because he knew she was tired. She said to him, "Daddy, why I tired?" She wanted to know how he knew she was tired when she didn't think she was!
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