Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our last night in Swan River

Tonight is our last night with the Kitch family. :( Last night we said our teary good-byes to Brody, Hannah, Ian and Rhonda after we went out for supper together. Normally, I'm a crying fool but last night, I managed to hold it together somewhat and only shed a few tears. I kept reminding myself that we'll be back in 5 months so it won't be that long. At first, Kirsi didn't understand why everyone was crying but when I explained to her that we won't be seeing Brody and Hannah until the summertime, she started crying too. She didn't understand why they wouldn't be around to play with for so long.

We've had a fantastic time here. Kirsi has had a fabulous time playing with Nana, Papa, Brody, Hannah, Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Ian and visiting with all our other relatives. She's gone skating, sledding, bowling and got to play in the snow while we were here. Aidan has charmed everyone with his big smile, sparkling eyes and cute little dimples. And we've seen our little ones light up when their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles come in to the room. What a great feeling!

Tomorrow, we're on the road again. We're going to Saskatoon, only for an overnight stay so we won't be able to get all the visits in that we'd like to but maybe when we're back in the summer. Then it's back to Avonlea until the 29th when we fly out. That also means that we will be without internet for a while too so no blog updates for then.
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