Thursday, January 01, 2009


On December 28th, we had Aidan’s baptism at St. Joseph’s in Claybank. We asked Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Trent to be his godparents. The Kitch family got to Regina on Saturday so we went to spend part of the day with them and Kirsi got to go swimming at their hotel. She and Der even went down the waterslide one time, but since they went underwater when they came out of the slide, Kirsi didn’t want to go down again. Trent and Kaz got in on a later flight so we only saw them at the church on Sunday morning.

Gramma organized a lunch for after the baptism. Auntie Kristin, Auntie Kathy, Uncle Bob and Auntie Lyn helped her get the hall ready and everything set up the day before. There was lots of food and drink to share with our family and friends afterwards. It’s crazy how much work it takes to get something like that organized.

Father J.R. did a great job, once again. He’s such a friendly man and his homilies are always practical and full of meaning. Aidan and Kirsi were both baptized on Holy Family Sunday, which I think it quite meaningful. Father’s homily was about the importance of family and the huge influence and impact that parents have on children. Parents have an important role to play and we need to remember that we are role models to our children 24 hours a day. He also talked about the importance of praying together as a family in order to be good members of God’s family. I really liked his message.

Aidan was a perfect baby during the whole ceremony. He loved getting the water poured on him; I think it reminded him of bath time. ☺ He just giggled. Then Trent took him up and down the centre aisle while the baptismal song was sung and he just smiled at everyone while he took his walk of fame.

I got to visit with a lot of people at the lunch afterwards – it was so nice to see people again and catch up with them. Some of my friends from school were able to come as well as some family friends and aunts, uncles and cousins. Der’s Aunt Lila and Uncle Ken made the trip out from Alberta; it was great to see them again.

After the lunch, we went back to the farm to continue visiting. After a while, we took the kids out to Rosie’s to do some sledding. It was fun but it was cold – that stupid wind always makes things worse! Clay came down with Kelsey and they came sledding. Jackie, the organizer, was also there, so was Amanda with Brayden and Josh. Kristin and Dean came too. Kirsi went down once with Auntie Rhonda but I think it was pretty fast and she got some snow in her eyes so she didn’t want to go down again. Uncle Dean managed to convince her to go down again. They went down another hill that wasn’t very steep so they went much slower and Kirsi thought it was great. She got Uncle Dean to take her down a couple more times. We would’ve stayed out longer but it was getting windier and colder.

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