Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our last night in Swan River

Tonight is our last night with the Kitch family. :( Last night we said our teary good-byes to Brody, Hannah, Ian and Rhonda after we went out for supper together. Normally, I'm a crying fool but last night, I managed to hold it together somewhat and only shed a few tears. I kept reminding myself that we'll be back in 5 months so it won't be that long. At first, Kirsi didn't understand why everyone was crying but when I explained to her that we won't be seeing Brody and Hannah until the summertime, she started crying too. She didn't understand why they wouldn't be around to play with for so long.

We've had a fantastic time here. Kirsi has had a fabulous time playing with Nana, Papa, Brody, Hannah, Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Ian and visiting with all our other relatives. She's gone skating, sledding, bowling and got to play in the snow while we were here. Aidan has charmed everyone with his big smile, sparkling eyes and cute little dimples. And we've seen our little ones light up when their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles come in to the room. What a great feeling!

Tomorrow, we're on the road again. We're going to Saskatoon, only for an overnight stay so we won't be able to get all the visits in that we'd like to but maybe when we're back in the summer. Then it's back to Avonlea until the 29th when we fly out. That also means that we will be without internet for a while too so no blog updates for then.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's been a week since I last wrote here. I guess it's because we've been having a relaxed time this week. On the weekend, it was decent weather (-14C) so we went outside for a bit. Der pulled Kirsi and Hannah around on the sled and they had a blast! We got some pictures outside in the snow and then Kirsi and Der made snow angels. Gotta do all the snow things while we're here! Plus, you have to do it when the weather allows. It's now freezing a$$ cold out so we're staying inside as much as possible.

Kirsi has been having a blast playing with the Fisher Price toys that were Der's, Ian's and Trav's and playing hide-and-seek with anyone who's game. She's also been playing with the stickers that Nana and Auntie have bought for her. Auntie Rhonda got Kirsi her first Barbie, who came with a brush so Kirsi can brush her hair. Kirsi thought that was pretty cool, though she prefers Barbie without her dress on (like all her other babies). This morning, Kirsi looked at nakey Barbie and said, "She got saggy boobies." Where did she ever hear that? I know I haven't talked about saggy boobs!

Brody and Hannah have come over any time they can to play with the kids. Kirsi loves playing with her cousins; she's going to miss them so much when we go back. Yesterday, Brody taught Kirsi a secret handshake - it's really cute!

Aidan is doing well. He's so inquisitive wants to explore and figure things out. He loves playing with the baby stroller and spinning the wheels around. He also likes to play with a little piano that Auntie Rhonda brought over. And of course he's still teething but no teeth yet, so everything goes in his mouth.

We're really enjoying our time at home. It's been so fun to watch the kids with their cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents. It'll be a sad day when we have to fly back. The good thing is that we'll be on the road the day after we return. We're driving to Argentina and will explore some of the Patagonia. We're really excited to see new things and some stunning scenery and wildlife.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sunday was freezing cold here - I'm sure it was -40C with the windchill!! We went to church in the morning and it didn't seem too bad when we went there. But coming back, it was so cold, there are no words to describe it. Wowzers! It was the perfect day to stay inside but we wanted to visit with one of Der's cousins who was here from Alberta. So, after naps, we made our way over to Aunt Louanne and Uncle Dwight's house to see Roanne, Daren and their kiddos. We hadn't met Bryce or Kenna yet and Kayla was a lot bigger than the last time we saw her! It was good to get to visit with everyone again.

Monday was back to school for Brody and Hannah so Kirsi was going through B and H withdrawals. :) Luckily they managed to come over for a little while later in the afternoon so Kirsi wasn't missing them too much.

Yesterday, Nana and I took Kirsi grocery shopping for the first time since we've been here and she loved it. My little girl loves shopping! In the afternoon, Der was putting Kirsi down for her nap and she wasn't wanting to go to sleep. Der told her that she had to sleep because he knew she was tired. She said to him, "Daddy, why I tired?" She wanted to know how he knew she was tired when she didn't think she was!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Baby Shower

Yesterday, Rhonda had a baby shower for Aidan at her house. It was a fun afternoon, especially getting caught up with a few friends from Swan River. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and the roads weren't in the best condition so some people weren't able to make it. It was Aidan's big afternoon and he was a good little boy, as usual. He got some great gifts - clothes, videos, toys and an amber necklace to help with teething. I've heard about these teething necklaces but never got one myself. We put it on him as soon as we got it and he stopped drooling within minutes. I hope it can help him with his teething because he's had a rough go of it so far. Between the amber and the teething tablets, I hope the next few months aren't very painful for him. Teething must suck!

Thank you, Rhonda, for putting on the shower for us! We really appreciate it.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Adding pictures

For anyone interested, I'm slowly adding pictures to the blog entries from when we arrived in Canada. I'm getting the pictures downloaded, then uploaded to Photobucket but it's not a quick process. So, if you want to see what we've been doing, have a look further down. I'm caught up to the baptism and sledding pictures.


This morning, Auntie Rhonda, Uncle Ian, Brody and Hannah took Kirsi ice skating for the first time. We borrowed skates and a helmet from one of Rhonda's daycare kids and they took Kirsi out on the ice. She had a blast skating with them! Her little feet were moving a mile a minute but she didn't get very far. :) It was so cute to watch her skating. She kept it up for about half an hour and then she was ready to rest. What a fun time! Kirsi has had lots of new experiences in the two weeks that we've been in Canada - checking the cows, Gramma and Grampa's puppy, sledding, bowling and now skating. And she's loved all of them!

Happy New Year!

It's so hard to believe that it's 2009 now. Since I've become an adult, I've found that time moves quickly but since I've become a parent, it flies that much faster! Aidan is already 6 months old and Kirsi is nearly 3 years old. I love watching my kids grow up but it also makes me sad that I won't ever get those times back again. I do try to enjoy every minute of every day with them (well, except for those whiny or fussy times) but it still goes by too quickly.

Yesterday we had a quiet day with Nana and Papa. Kirsi and Aidan still have their colds and they passed them on to Nana. Aunt Ev invited us out to their place for New Year's supper so we wanted to be well rested for that. Nana was feeling lousy so she and Papa stayed home but we went over. It was great to see everyone again and we had a good visit. Ev and Ejner are fantastic hosts - they always have way too much good food and drink but, mmm, is it good!! Ev and Erin decided to change it up a bit and forgo the turkey dinner. Instead, they put together a fondue for everyone. It was the first time in years that I'd done a fondue and I'd forgotten how to do it but it was great. Ev and Erin had made a ton of yummy appetizers and after figuring out why the breakers were blowing, we got to enjoy a delicious fondue supper. We had chicken, beef, pork, fish and veggies with lots of different dipping sauces and for dessert, there was a chocolate fondue with fruits and cookies. I think fondues are fun and a great way to enjoy people's company over dinner. What a great idea for a new tradition!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Swan River

On Monday, we packed up and left for Swan River. We stopped in Regina to visit with Trent and Kaz a bit more since their flight didn’t leave until that evening. We met at the Starbucks in the Victoria Square Mall; I thought it would be better than the ultra-busy Starbucks in Chapters. It was weird, though; it was inside the Safeway. It was a tiny space, with just a few tables and seats. Oh well, at least it wasn’t busy and we had a good visit.

The trip to Swan River was uneventful, which is good. The kids were excellent until we got to Yorkton. Then they’d had enough of the car so they got a bit cranky but not too bad. Nana and Papa were waiting for us to get there. Our welcoming party was bigger than just Nana and Papa, though. Hannah, Brody, Uncle Ian and Auntie Rhonda also came to welcome us home.
We’ve been busy since we’ve been in Swan River. On Tuesday, Auntie and Uncle took us bowling. It was lots of fun and Kirsi absolutely loved it! They can put up bumpers for little kids so their balls don’t go in the gutter – I needed that myself! ☺ Kirsi loved throwing the balls and watching the pins fall. Every time anyone hit any pins, she yelled, “Woo Hoo!” Too cute! By the end, she was throwing her balls – somehow they made their way down to the end and even knocked some pins down.

Yesterday, Rhonda and I made my traditional trek to Minitonas to the Holmstead Emporium. We had to make it a quick trip but it was good to get back there; I love that little store. Barb has items in there that I don’t find anywhere else – I always find good stuff in there. December 31st is Ian and Rhonda’s anniversary so we went over there for supper. We had pizza and Dairy Queen ice cream cake in celebration. ☺ The guys (and Nana) watched the Juniors hockey game between Canada and the USA while the girls went downstairs and played and watched Treehouse TV. It was a great way to spend New Year’s Eve – quiet and with family.

Kirsi loves spending so much time with her cousins. Brody and Hannah have come to play with her every day since we’ve been here and she’s been in heaven. Aidan has been a happy little boy, even though he’s teething like mad. And both kids have developed a cold, and given it to Nana. Der and I are trying our best to ward off colds ourselves; let’s hope we keep it up!


On December 28th, we had Aidan’s baptism at St. Joseph’s in Claybank. We asked Auntie Rhonda and Uncle Trent to be his godparents. The Kitch family got to Regina on Saturday so we went to spend part of the day with them and Kirsi got to go swimming at their hotel. She and Der even went down the waterslide one time, but since they went underwater when they came out of the slide, Kirsi didn’t want to go down again. Trent and Kaz got in on a later flight so we only saw them at the church on Sunday morning.

Gramma organized a lunch for after the baptism. Auntie Kristin, Auntie Kathy, Uncle Bob and Auntie Lyn helped her get the hall ready and everything set up the day before. There was lots of food and drink to share with our family and friends afterwards. It’s crazy how much work it takes to get something like that organized.

Father J.R. did a great job, once again. He’s such a friendly man and his homilies are always practical and full of meaning. Aidan and Kirsi were both baptized on Holy Family Sunday, which I think it quite meaningful. Father’s homily was about the importance of family and the huge influence and impact that parents have on children. Parents have an important role to play and we need to remember that we are role models to our children 24 hours a day. He also talked about the importance of praying together as a family in order to be good members of God’s family. I really liked his message.

Aidan was a perfect baby during the whole ceremony. He loved getting the water poured on him; I think it reminded him of bath time. ☺ He just giggled. Then Trent took him up and down the centre aisle while the baptismal song was sung and he just smiled at everyone while he took his walk of fame.

I got to visit with a lot of people at the lunch afterwards – it was so nice to see people again and catch up with them. Some of my friends from school were able to come as well as some family friends and aunts, uncles and cousins. Der’s Aunt Lila and Uncle Ken made the trip out from Alberta; it was great to see them again.

After the lunch, we went back to the farm to continue visiting. After a while, we took the kids out to Rosie’s to do some sledding. It was fun but it was cold – that stupid wind always makes things worse! Clay came down with Kelsey and they came sledding. Jackie, the organizer, was also there, so was Amanda with Brayden and Josh. Kristin and Dean came too. Kirsi went down once with Auntie Rhonda but I think it was pretty fast and she got some snow in her eyes so she didn’t want to go down again. Uncle Dean managed to convince her to go down again. They went down another hill that wasn’t very steep so they went much slower and Kirsi thought it was great. She got Uncle Dean to take her down a couple more times. We would’ve stayed out longer but it was getting windier and colder.


We had a great Christmas at the farm this year. Christmas Eve, Kirsi left out cookies and milk for Santa and cucumbers for the reindeer (yes, a unique choice for reindeer food but I was lazy and just put out what was already cut up!). On Christmas morning, she was surprised that it was all gone and she treasured the note that Santa had written to her. Kirsi had a blast opening up all her presents – and she had many – and helping Aidan open his. Aidan, of course, much preferred to play with the wrapping paper and bows than his actual presents. ☺ Kirsi started to understand the concept of Santa this year, though she still wasn’t too into the hype of Santa nor was she convinced that sitting on his lap was a good thing. When we asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her this year, she said, “Presents.” I know that next year she’ll be into full Santa mode so I enjoyed this year very much.

We opened up presents early in the morning – she had been so patient all week and even earlier that morning – with Grampa, Gramma, Auntie Kristin and Uncle Dean. Once all the presents had been opened, it was time to play! Teagan, Uncle Bruce and Auntie Deanna came over later and so did Uncle Jarrod and Courtenay. Gramma made a huge turkey meal that we got to enjoy for supper – mmm! It was a great day spent with family. Kids really do make Christmas special.

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