Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 24th

Our first few days at home have been filled with much eating, visiting and getting ready for Christmas. Mom had done her Christmas baking before we arrived and I alone have put a huge dent into her supply. ;) It’s just so darn good! Can I blame it on being so cold out that I need to keep up my energy? I wish, but since it’s over 20C in the house, I don’t think that excuse is valid. ☺ We went to see Uncle Bob, Auntie Kathy and met Lyn for the first time. It was great to visit with them again.

Kirsi has had a blast with Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Jarrod, Uncle Bruce, Auntie Deanna and Teagan. She loves playing with everyone and telling stories to them. She has surprised us with her transition here; she hasn’t been shy at all. She’s been completely at ease since we got here. Der and I went shopping on Monday and left the kids with Mom, Dad and Bruce. When we were leaving, I told Kirsi that we’d be going to Regina but we wouldn’t be gone too long. She thought for a second and then said, “I be a good girl, Mommy.” She was totally fine staying at the farm without us. She’s been busy entertaining Aidan, as usual, and checking out the cows and horses with Grampa. We made a Happy Birthday cake for Auntie Kristin. Actually, Kirsi wanted a Happy Birthday cake for herself but I convinced her that we should make one for Auntie Kristin since her birthday was last week.

Aidan has been busy charming all his relatives. Grampa cannot believe how content he is; we can sit him down on the floor with some toys and he’s fine there for quite a while. Gramma can’t believe just how cute he is, with those dimples, big eyes and sweet smile. He’s having fun with all of Teagan’s toys and getting attention from everyone.

Der and I have been enjoying watching some North American TV since we’ve been home. Mom and Dad have a dish so we’ve been catching up on some of the new shows and getting our fill of TLC. We’ve also caught up on some sleep since we’ve been here, which has been nice. Kirsi is sleeping much better here, likely because it’s so dark. Let’s hope she keeps it up!
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