Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why is it so hard?

Warning to anyone who might care, this is a post about breastfeeding. Why can I not pump milk? Why is it so hard for me?! This is ridiculous. I have an electric pump and I try to pump at least three times a week. Usually, I only get 1 oz.; if it's a good day, I get 2 oz. That's not enough to feed Aidan. I wish that I could just slap the pump on and get 6 oz. in 10 minutes like most other women. Here I am, 25 minutes later, with 1 oz. pumped. Pumped milk is like liquid gold to me - precious! I've tried a million different things to help and some things do help a bit but I still don't get much. What's up with that?! OK, I'm done complaining now. :)
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