Saturday, November 08, 2008

Kermess 2008

We went to the annual event of Kermess at Nido (Der's school). It's like a mini Folkfest or Mosaic, where all the countries represented by the student body at Nido have a booth and they serve food and drinks from that country. There's also some entertainment but usually it's not so great, this year being no exception. One of the groups was a band of 12-year-old girls and they seranaded us with "Highway to Hell". Der said that the Mexican dancers were really good, though. We enjoyed a great Falafel pita from the Israeli booth (YUMMY!!), a Nutella crepe from France's, a kebab (ie. shawarma) from Turkey's, choripans (a type of sausage) from Argentina's, Chicken Tikka from India's and a southern iced tea from the U.S.'s. We also got some Canadian stuff from the Canada booth - Kirsi got a little Canada flag and a little change purse. Got to support our country!

They also have a games area for kids. They have jumping games, fishing for little prizes, throwing sponges at people, that kind of thing. Kirsi tried a couple of the bouncy games but there were a few rowdy older kids in the games also so she didn't last very long.

It was a great morning but we had to leave when Kirsi asked to go to sleep. :0 That was the second time in her life - which also happened to be in the past two weeks - that she asked to go to bed. Aidan was tired out too but he slept with Daddy:

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