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New pictures

I just got our latest pictures uploaded so enjoy a few!

Kirsi in Uncle Dean's sunglasses and hat:

Kirsi swimming by herself with the noodle:

Aidan at 5 months old:

A few more of Aidan:

The kids and Simba with Auntie Kristin and Uncle Dean:

Kirsi's not so sure about that peacock:

Our kiddos:

A Chilled Out Day

After so much running around for Aidan's passport and just life in general, I've decided that the kids and I need a chilled out, relaxed day at home! Today, we're going to just hang out around home and relax. I'll do some laundry (I'm already two loads in and it's not 9:00 yet), get stuff ready for supper and maybe even do some baking. We'll go for a walk and play out in the backyard. We need a day to just stay at home and not do anything if we don't need to.

The Passport Saga

Dealing with the Canadian Embassy when trying to get a child's passport has not been high on my list of efficient or pleasant experiences. With Kirsi, we had to get her a passport right away so we could get a visa for Chile. So, at 2 weeks old, I took her in to get the picture taken. I showed the photographer the paper with the requirements and he took the picture. Mom, Kirsi and I went to the consulate in Colombo (about a 30-minute drive each way) to submit all the paperwork. When I gave the lady the photos, she told me that they weren't good, that the size was wrong. I was so ticked off because it's not the easiest thing in the world to get a 2-week-old to look straight at a camera and have her eyes open. The woman recommended a photographer relatively close by so we went straight there (after having to look for it because I didn't know where it was!). Since I wasn't planning on having to get her photo taken again, I didn't really think about what she…

Siete La Tazas

Had a few minutes at the end of the day and am a little brain dead with programming report cards so I thought I'd take 2 minutes and throw together another Animoto video. This time, I made one of our trip with Aunty and Uncle to Siete La Tazas.

Fun morning

This morning, Kirsi and I had a Mommy-Daughter outing. I needed to get her some sandals and it's just too hard to do it with Aidan along (he's already impatient with shopping and he's only 5 months old! lol). So, Derwin kept Aidan and Kirsi and I hit the mall. We went to Falabella and tried on a few different pairs of shoes; Kirsi was so great during it all. She tried them on, walked around for me, told me which ones she liked best and sat patiently while I looked for different sizes. Then we found her a pair of jeans because she outgrew her size 2s and her other jeans are too big in the waist for her and another pair of summer pants. She's all ready for the summer now!

Then, we went for coffee together. She bought me a coffee and a carrot muffin for herself with money that Daddy gave her. We sat outside and enjoyed our coffee time. It was a lot of fun - we watched people and giggled together. It felt so great. :)

After that, we went to Easy, a store sort-of …


The last few days were spent doing little things here and there while Kristin and Dean were here to visit. We took them out for Peruvian food on Thursday night. I love Peruvian food - it's so tasty! I was diasppointed, though, in my aji de gallina - it was very bland and not the usual flavourful dish that it is. Oh well, I know better next time.

Yesterday, we took them to Mall Sport, a big mall filled with sports and recreation stores. You can find tons of stuff there - camping gear, hunting and fishing stuff, biking equipment, boats, horseriding gear and pretty much anything for most sports. Plus, they have a rock climbing wall there as well as a huge race track and some virtual sports areas. This is also the mall where we sometimes take Kirsi to jump on inflatable games - we call it Bouncy World. Kristin and Dean thought it was a pretty cool place and they enjoyed looking around at everything.

Last night we had to say good-bye to Auntie and Uncle. Kirsi was very sad and …

Vina del Mar

Yesterday, Kristin, Dean and I took the kids to the beach. We got off to a relatively early start and got there by 10:00. We drove through Valparaiso to let Dean and Kristin see it but we didn't get to go down to the port. There was something wonky happening in Valpo and Vina yesterday. There was tons of traffic, lots of police out directing traffic and buses filled with people blowing whistles. I wonder if it had to do with the city workers being on strike in Santiago; maybe it's a country-wide protest for higher wages? Anyways, we bypassed the centre of Valpo as I didn't feel like driving through more crazy traffic than I needed to.

We stopped at Vina del Mar and walked along the boardwalk for a while. All the stairs that went down to the beach were pretty steep and we had the stroller so we decided to go to our regular spot in Renaca. Kirsi had so much fun playing in the sand with Auntie and Uncle; they buried Auntie's legs with sand and then buried Kirsi'…

Why is it so hard?

Warning to anyone who might care, this is a post about breastfeeding. Why can I not pump milk? Why is it so hard for me?! This is ridiculous. I have an electric pump and I try to pump at least three times a week. Usually, I only get 1 oz.; if it's a good day, I get 2 oz. That's not enough to feed Aidan. I wish that I could just slap the pump on and get 6 oz. in 10 minutes like most other women. Here I am, 25 minutes later, with 1 oz. pumped. Pumped milk is like liquid gold to me - precious! I've tried a million different things to help and some things do help a bit but I still don't get much. What's up with that?! OK, I'm done complaining now. :)

Santiago Zoo

Dean and Kristin got back from the Elqui Valley on Friday night so we had the weekend with them. Saturday was just a lazy day around the house but yesterday, we had a big day. We first went to church and then from there we went to the Santiago Zoo. It's located on Cerro San Cristobal and it's supposed to be a great place to get good views of the city. We hadn't been there before so it was new for us too. It's a popular place for Chileans to spend a Sunday - there were tons of people there yesterday.

There is a good variety of animals at the zoo, which is neat, but some of the enclosures were terrible. It made you feel bad for the animals. Kirsi was so excited to see all the different animals but wasn't too keen on seeing the monkeys. Ever since the time we were at the Buin Zoo and the baboon jumped on the wire fence and screamed at us, she's been freaked out by the monkeys.

We didn't go up to take the cable car because we had already spent a lot of …

Big boy!

Yesterday was a big day for our little baby boy. It was his first day eating solid foods.

Aidan's sleeping has been awful for the past month and lately he just doesn't seem satisfied after nursing. It's like he could keep eating and eating. So, we decided to give him some food to see if that helps. It totally goes against what I wanted to do because I feel that a baby's digestive system just isn't ready for solids until they're older. He's one week shy of 5 months and I wanted to wait until the 6 months if possible. He had other plans! I didn't want to give him rice cereal in case he gets constipated from it (he only poops every 2 or 3 days as it is) so we gave him avocado. He did so well with it - he took to the spoon with no problems at all and didn't mind the avocado. He didn't make any of the funny faces that Kirsi made when she first had it either.
What's going on here?

Daddy feeding Aidan avocado:

Kirsi's turn:
Hmm, got anymore…


It's summer now. No doubt about it. It's been piping hot the past three days so the beautiful, mild springtime weather is gone and the hot summer days are here. I'm not complaining, though, because I'm going to enjoy it all I can before heading back to the Great White North at Christmastime!

Kirsi and Der have been going in the pool every day for a few days now. Kirsi LOVES going swimming, even though the water is still pretty cold. Most pools here aren't heated so you rely on the sun to heat the water up. It's time to get out when Kirsi's lips are blue. :) She loves splashing in the water and jumping in with Daddy catching her. The latest thing is throwing her little balls in the water at Daddy and then him throwing them back at her. Simba is super hyper whenever they're in the pool but doesn't like it in the water. Der took him in a couple times and he was scrambling to get out! Then there was the time he fell in to the pool. He doggy …

Visit to Vineyards

Yesterday (Sunday) we drove to Santa Cruz, about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Santiago, to meet Kristin and Dean and spend the day with them. We arranged two tours of vineyards in the Colchagua Valley, one of Chile's most important wine regions, especially known for their Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

We first went to the Viu Manent vineyard, a well-established, family-run winery. Our guide was Freddy and he was great. We learned a lot about making wine and about the vineyard. It's neat to visit the same vineyard more than once because you learn more about it since every guide adds different information to the tour. The highlight for Kirsi was going through the vineyard by horse and carriage. She thought it was pretty neat. We did the wine tasting and I surprisingly liked the Chardonnay. Normally, I don't like Chardonnay as it's too oaky for me but theirs is quite fruity and I liked it. Dean preferred Viu Manent's specialty, the Malbec, which is pretty strong wine.…

Kermess 2008

We went to the annual event of Kermess at Nido (Der's school). It's like a mini Folkfest or Mosaic, where all the countries represented by the student body at Nido have a booth and they serve food and drinks from that country. There's also some entertainment but usually it's not so great, this year being no exception. One of the groups was a band of 12-year-old girls and they seranaded us with "Highway to Hell". Der said that the Mexican dancers were really good, though. We enjoyed a great Falafel pita from the Israeli booth (YUMMY!!), a Nutella crepe from France's, a kebab (ie. shawarma) from Turkey's, choripans (a type of sausage) from Argentina's, Chicken Tikka from India's and a southern iced tea from the U.S.'s. We also got some Canadian stuff from the Canada booth - Kirsi got a little Canada flag and a little change purse. Got to support our country!

They also have a games area for kids. They have jumping games, fishing for li…

Cranky boy

The last couple of days, Aidan has been cranky. I don't see any bumps on his gums but that doesn't mean teeth aren't bothering him. He's been fighting sleep so much too, which he has never done. Normally, he cries his tired cry, I give him his soother and his bunny, lay him in his Amby, put on his Sleep Sheep and he goes to sleep. Now, he cries when I give him his soother, he cries when I lay him down and fights sleep like crazy. What's up with that?! Plus, he's been waking up at least three times a night to eat lately and he guzzles the milk. That makes for a very tired Mommy, let me tell you!

Siete Tazas

In Chile, they celebrate November 1st and since it fell on Saturday this year, we had a long weekend. We decided to leave after school on Thursday and go to the Reserva Nacional Radal Siete Tazas, which is southeast of Santiago. It took us over 4 hours to get there, with one kiddie break of about 15 minutes. By the time we got there, it was dark so it was a little tricky to find our cabin in the dark but we did it - just lots of pulling over to shine the headlights onto signs. :)

On Friday, we decided to do the hike to the Siete Tazas (Seven Cups) and the Lion Waterfall. It was an easy walk to the falls and they were gorgeous. We decided to go down to the river to see what it was like. The hike down was a bit tough but it was definitely worth it. The river was beautiful and Kirsi had a great time throwing stones there. Aidan was sleeping for most of the time at the river and I didn't want to climb around on the rocks with him in the Moby wrap so I stayed put and enjoyed th…