Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playground Happiness

Lately, our mornings consist of running a few errands and going either for a walk or to the playground. This morning, we were up early to take Der to work so Kirsi was ready to head to the park at 8:00!! We came home so I could feed Aidan and get the bag ready for the day. Then we got together with Kirsi's friend, Asher, and his mom and sister. It was great to get to the playground so early because the sun isn't as intense at that time. The kids had fun playing and running around for a while. I get along really well with Julie so I'm super glad that the kids get along so well. Kirsi is so happy to just go to a playground and run around; the simplest things in life!

We left and did a few errands - bought a sprinkler for the lawn, picked up some ribbons to match some of Kirsi's clothes so I can make some hair clips and bought some frozen raspberries for a cake I'm going to make.

Aidan's latest feat has been to roll over onto his side from either his tummy or his back. He doesn't know what to do with himself once he gets there so he's stuck! He ends up sucking his hands and looking around from his side!

Today, Kirsi figured out how to snap her fingers. The last couple days she's been wanting to do it so Der and I have showed her how to hold her fingers and what to do. She was sitting in the shopping cart this morning and practicing and then all of a sudden, I heard a snap. She did it a few more times too. I couldn't believe it!
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