Monday, October 27, 2008

Kristin and Dean are here!

On Saturday, Kristin and Dean arrived in Santiago after 24 hours of travelling. They said everything went well and there were no problems - thank goodness! They got through customs just as I arrived at the airport to get them. Talk about perfect timing!

Kirsi was sooooo excited to see them! She was busy showing off for them most of Saturday and has been having a blast ever since. Now that they're here, forget about Mommy and Daddy doing stuff for her - it's got to be Auntie Kristin or Uncle Dean. It's so cute!

Saturday we just chilled out. We let them relax, nap and just get acclimatized. Sunday, we went to the zoo in Santiago. Unfortunately it was closed. :( We were bummed out because it was going to be our first time there and Kirsi was super excited about going to the zoo. So we walked around Bellavista a bit just to show them the area a bit. We decided to go to the Plaza de Armas to show Kristin and Dean one of the tourist sites. The Plaza de Armas is quite nice in Santiago - big, lots of trees, pretty European-style architecture surrounding it and of course, the beautiful cathedral. We spent about an hour wandering around there before we decided to head home (Kirsi was in need of a nap). It took us forever to get home, though, because the traffic was terrible.

Stupid municipal elections! Yesterday was voting day and it was like every single person was out in their car at 12:30 when we were on our way home. Talk about great voter turnout! Holy cow - we were just crawling all the way home once we got off the highway. Crazy! Everything was closed too - all businesses, restaurants, stores, you name it. That's why the zoo was closed. I saw a sign on a door saying that it was closed due to Law #something or other. We were just glad to get home!
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