Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Party

Yesterday was our playgroup Halloween party. Kirsi was sooooo excited about the party, she talked about it all day long. "We're going to the Halloween party, we're going to the Halloween party!"

Monday we made some sugar cookies to give to all the kids. We made jack o'lanterns and black cats and it was great. Kirsi likes cutting out the shapes of the cookies and eating the cookie dough when Mommy isn't looking! I got the cookies iced Monday also because I had the "grownup" dessert to make yesterday. I made a pumpkin dessert that my Uncle Bob and Auntie Joyce have made and it's really yummy and easy, always a bonus.

I tutored until 4:30 and then I rushed home to get the kids in their costumes and then my costume on too. We were out the door at 5:00, amazing actually considering that Der has been home sick the past two days so wasn't able to come with us.

At first, Kirsi didn't know what to think about all the kids in different costumes and she stuck around me for the first hour or so. When we went outside, she was much more comfortable. She played with the kids outside and had a blast. They ran around together, chasing each other, and they found a kitty cat that liked kids so they all wanted to pet it. Of course, she didn't eat much but devoured the jack o'lantern cookie when it came time to filling up her treat bag! She loved getting the bubbles, rubber ball and popcorn too. It was a fun afternoon for her. Aidan just went with the flow but by 6:45 was totally ready to leave.

I've done pretty well at taking the kids out just by myself but to something like that where you have to keep your eye on the kids and try to visit at the same time, Der has always been with me. It was really tough to do it on my own yesterday - keep track of Kirsi, hold Aidan, bring all the food and the diaper bag. Thank goodness everyone helped out and either held Aidan, took over watching Kirsi or helped me carrying the food!

So here are the pictures...

Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman, Superman and Snow White:

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