Monday, October 27, 2008

Kristin and Dean are here!

On Saturday, Kristin and Dean arrived in Santiago after 24 hours of travelling. They said everything went well and there were no problems - thank goodness! They got through customs just as I arrived at the airport to get them. Talk about perfect timing!

Kirsi was sooooo excited to see them! She was busy showing off for them most of Saturday and has been having a blast ever since. Now that they're here, forget about Mommy and Daddy doing stuff for her - it's got to be Auntie Kristin or Uncle Dean. It's so cute!

Saturday we just chilled out. We let them relax, nap and just get acclimatized. Sunday, we went to the zoo in Santiago. Unfortunately it was closed. :( We were bummed out because it was going to be our first time there and Kirsi was super excited about going to the zoo. So we walked around Bellavista a bit just to show them the area a bit. We decided to go to the Plaza de Armas to show Kristin and Dean one of the tourist sites. The Plaza de Armas is quite nice in Santiago - big, lots of trees, pretty European-style architecture surrounding it and of course, the beautiful cathedral. We spent about an hour wandering around there before we decided to head home (Kirsi was in need of a nap). It took us forever to get home, though, because the traffic was terrible.

Stupid municipal elections! Yesterday was voting day and it was like every single person was out in their car at 12:30 when we were on our way home. Talk about great voter turnout! Holy cow - we were just crawling all the way home once we got off the highway. Crazy! Everything was closed too - all businesses, restaurants, stores, you name it. That's why the zoo was closed. I saw a sign on a door saying that it was closed due to Law #something or other. We were just glad to get home!

Friday, October 24, 2008

4-month pictures

I finally got around to taking Aidan's 4-month pictures (4 days late) and thought I should share them. He's getting so big now!! Kirsi was a great help trying to get Aidan to look at the camera and smile. We didn't get any big smiles but we did OK.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Party

Yesterday was our playgroup Halloween party. Kirsi was sooooo excited about the party, she talked about it all day long. "We're going to the Halloween party, we're going to the Halloween party!"

Monday we made some sugar cookies to give to all the kids. We made jack o'lanterns and black cats and it was great. Kirsi likes cutting out the shapes of the cookies and eating the cookie dough when Mommy isn't looking! I got the cookies iced Monday also because I had the "grownup" dessert to make yesterday. I made a pumpkin dessert that my Uncle Bob and Auntie Joyce have made and it's really yummy and easy, always a bonus.

I tutored until 4:30 and then I rushed home to get the kids in their costumes and then my costume on too. We were out the door at 5:00, amazing actually considering that Der has been home sick the past two days so wasn't able to come with us.

At first, Kirsi didn't know what to think about all the kids in different costumes and she stuck around me for the first hour or so. When we went outside, she was much more comfortable. She played with the kids outside and had a blast. They ran around together, chasing each other, and they found a kitty cat that liked kids so they all wanted to pet it. Of course, she didn't eat much but devoured the jack o'lantern cookie when it came time to filling up her treat bag! She loved getting the bubbles, rubber ball and popcorn too. It was a fun afternoon for her. Aidan just went with the flow but by 6:45 was totally ready to leave.

I've done pretty well at taking the kids out just by myself but to something like that where you have to keep your eye on the kids and try to visit at the same time, Der has always been with me. It was really tough to do it on my own yesterday - keep track of Kirsi, hold Aidan, bring all the food and the diaper bag. Thank goodness everyone helped out and either held Aidan, took over watching Kirsi or helped me carrying the food!

So here are the pictures...

Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman, Superman and Snow White:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wonderful characteristic

We were reading Kirsi Flip and Flop last night before bedtime. In the story, the older penguin won't play with the younger penguin (I forget who is who now), which leaves the younger crying.

Very concerned, Kirsi asked why the penguin was crying. After I explained, she thought for a second and then said "Kirsi play with him."

Just today, Kirsi looked at a dog calendar that we have and said that the puppy looked sad and that she would play with him.

Kirsi is also very loving with the neighborhood stray dog, whom we call Sad Puppy. She likes to feed him and gives him hugs.

I love the empathy she shows at such a young age.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Where do the days go?

This week has flown by - I can't believe it is Friday already! When you ask me how I've been, I always say that I'm busy, which I am. But if you ask me what I've been up to, it doesn't sound like I'm busy. :) We have either been going for a walk or to the playground (or both) every morning and that keeps us busy.

Tuesday morning is our grocery shopping morning. Aidan stays with Pascuala and Kirsi and I head to Lider to get our goods for the week. On Wednesday we went with Asher, Liesl and Julie to a new place - it's a kids' toy store that has play areas for the kids and a cafe so you can get a bite to eat. Asher and Kirsi had a great time there so we'll definitely have to throw that place into the rotation every once in a while! Thursdays is playgroup at the park and this morning we went to visit a friend of mine that we hadn't seen since the day Aidan was born. So we've been busy but not at anything huge I guess. That's the kind of busy I like.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good days and bad days

And this is a bad day. :( We had a great start to the day - we all went for a walk and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for tonight's dinner. All was great! We even made the dessert for tonight together and all was good. And then, it all went downhill from there.

Kirsi doesn't seem jealous of Aidan and always wants to help us with him and play with him. She's a great big sister. But today, she got mad that I was feeding him and when I didn't come with her, she decided to hit him. Not allowed so off to timeout. The problem is that she continuously leaves timeout and comes back to hit him (not hard but still deliberate). We honestly go through the procedure at least ten times, every time she's in timeout. So, we got that over and done with and had some good play time together.

I called my mom this morning because it'd been a few days since I last talked to her. About 10 minutes into the conversation, Kirsi decides to kick Aidan. Once again, not hard but deliberately so it was back to timeout again. And the same rigamarole with timeout.

I had to run downstairs to take the dessert out of the oven so Kirsi came with me while we left Aidan upstairs. I got the dessert out and then told her I was heading back up to get Aidan. She didn't answer so I assumed she wanted to play downstairs. Once I was already upstairs, she started screaming that she wanted me to hold her hand to come up the stairs (this has been a point of contention for a long time now). I told her she had missed her chance and now I was upstairs with Aidan. Well, the screaming, hysterical crying began once again. I didn't give in and neither did she. She actually peed her pants while still on the stairs because she didn't want to give in and leave the stairs. Yikes! Then it was another episode with the peepeed pants, panties and socks. I finally convinced her to take off her clothes and then she could hop in the shower to get clean. This honestly lasted at least 20 minutes.

She is now in bed and sleeping, something that she's needed desperately all morning but wouldn't give in to. Aidan is sleeping too, albeit fitfully, so I may be able to fit in a couple minutes of sleep before he's up again.

The thing is, the good days are fantastic. Kirsi is so much fun and such a sweet girl and I love her so very much. But the bad days are horrible. Being consistent and calm takes so much energy out of me that I feel completely exhausted at the end of the day. I know that in a few years, I'll remember more of the good days than the bad ones. I just wish there were fewer bad ones!!

On a different note, today is Canadian Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day to all my fellow Canucks! I'm making a pseudo-Thanksgiving meal. We'll have the mashed potatoes, creamed corn and buns but I made a pumpkin dessert instead of a pie and we're going to try grilled turkey breasts rather than the whole big bird.

Friday, October 10, 2008

It just won't go away!

I've had a wart on my finger since January and the silly thing just won't go away. I started out trying my surefire Vitamin C paste remedy that worked with the warts I'd had on my leg several years ago. After several months, I gave up on that as it just wasn't going away. I had my mom bring out some Compund W stuff and I've been using it ever since and still, nothing. So, I'm going to the doctor in the next two weeks to get it burnt off. Let's hope it does the trick! This stupid thing is so annoying!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This afternoon Kirsi was busy playing in the backyard while I was making supper. She was happily digging in the dirt and gardening and I could see her through the kitchen window. All of a sudden, she started crying and came in to see me. She showed me her thumb and it looked like a little thorn off a plant. I pulled it out and asked her what plant she touched that hurt her. She said, "No plant, Mommy. Kirsi touch bee." I wasn't sure what she meant until I saw a bee crawling across the terrace outside. She had been stung by a bee! She had tried to pick it up and it stung her and the stinger was stuck in her finger. Poor thing!!!!

I immediately got out her Boo Boo Buddy from the freezer (thank you, Mom for getting that thing!) and got her to hold it on her thumb. She started sobbing as it got sorer and sorer. I felt so bad for her but there wasn't anything I could do for her. So, I told her about when Mommy got stung by wasps and how Mommy got owies too. We talked about how it's not good to touch bees and wasps and that if she sees one, she needs to leave it alone and walk away from it. What a hard lesson to learn!

Playground Happiness

Lately, our mornings consist of running a few errands and going either for a walk or to the playground. This morning, we were up early to take Der to work so Kirsi was ready to head to the park at 8:00!! We came home so I could feed Aidan and get the bag ready for the day. Then we got together with Kirsi's friend, Asher, and his mom and sister. It was great to get to the playground so early because the sun isn't as intense at that time. The kids had fun playing and running around for a while. I get along really well with Julie so I'm super glad that the kids get along so well. Kirsi is so happy to just go to a playground and run around; the simplest things in life!

We left and did a few errands - bought a sprinkler for the lawn, picked up some ribbons to match some of Kirsi's clothes so I can make some hair clips and bought some frozen raspberries for a cake I'm going to make.

Aidan's latest feat has been to roll over onto his side from either his tummy or his back. He doesn't know what to do with himself once he gets there so he's stuck! He ends up sucking his hands and looking around from his side!

Today, Kirsi figured out how to snap her fingers. The last couple days she's been wanting to do it so Der and I have showed her how to hold her fingers and what to do. She was sitting in the shopping cart this morning and practicing and then all of a sudden, I heard a snap. She did it a few more times too. I couldn't believe it!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kirsi's Latest Thing

A couple days ago, Kirsi decided she liked Simba's dogfood. Yes, you read correctly. She likes it because it's crunchy. Gross!! Of course, Derwin thinks it's hilarious and I think it's disgusting. This morning, I caught her eating more of it. :(

The bright side of it is that she's willing to try different foods. Last night, she ate half a chicken breast and a piece of potato for supper. That's a big thing in our world since Kirsi hasn't eaten much meat ever. Grampa Miller would be pleased.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Struck out

This morning, the kids and I headed out to do some errands. I wanted to buy some bagels, find bubble solution for bubbles and a camping guide of Chile. Simple enough, I thought. Not so!

We left the house around 10:00 and went to Mood, the only place that I know of in Santiago where you can buy bagels. They don't usually have fresh ones when I go but they have frozen ones, which are fine by me. I like to buy a couple dozen at a time so I don't have to make too many trips down there. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. :( I must have talked to the manager because he said that he could have some ready for me for tonight at 6:00. If I lived closer, I would have taken him up on his offer. He did give me the card for the cafe and told me to call ahead of time. They'll either put aside what they have for me or make some up for when I plan on coming. It ended on a positive note so I still was pretty upbeat.

Then we headed to Alto Las Condes to the big supermarket there. I figured if there would be any place close by who would have bubble solution, it would be there (especially considering that I tried both supermarkets out here and they had nothing). Nope - nothing. OK. Fine, not a big deal. So, we went to the two bookstores in the mall to find the Turistel camping guide. Neither place had it. What the heck?! At one of the stores, the lady told me that they don't have any left and that Turistel won't be making a camping guide for this year. That sucks!! It's a great guide of all the campgrounds here and what amenities they have. A friend of mine got it last year and I meant to pick it up and just forgot.

So, we stopped by the mall near us, hoping they might have one left. But no. Nothing. Tomorrow, I'm going to try a couple other smaller bookstores around here and see if they have it.

What a letdown! We left the house the morning ready to get all these things done and couldn't get any of it done. :( Oh well, another day I guess.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fun day at the park

Isn't it funny how a morning at the playground is the best thing in the world for a preschooler? Der had class again today and my friend, Julie's, husband is travelling so we decided to get together for a playdate. Julie has a 3-year-old boy and a little girl who is one month older than Aidan. We get together at least once a week for the kids to play together and lately it's been more often. The kids played together at Julie's house for a while and we fed the babies. Then we decided to go to the playground we went to all the time last year for playgroup.

Well, the kids had a ball playing there. Kirsi LOVES this playground because it has a horsie merry-go-round; she always has to ride the white horsie first. She also has gotten brave enough to go down the big, twisty slide and now thinks it's the cat's meow as opposed to that big, scary slide that she refused to go down for months. I need to take my camera the next time we go so I can share some pictures with you. And Aidan slept the whole time we were there. I put him facing in to me in the Moby wrap and he was out for over an hour. That wrap is the best thing ever!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Terrible Twos Really Are Terrible!

Especially when you're tired and have another child to take care of! I knew about the quest for independence and making her own decisions. I knew that this age is similar to adolescence in many ways. But dealing with it first-hand with my own child is so much different. Even though I knew it was coming, I am still finding it very difficult to deal with the temper tantrums, the insolent behaviour and the physical outbursts. I'm trying my best to stay calm and deal with it in a patient, caring manner but emotion gets the better of me at times. Yikes - this is hard!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

No sleep and a sick child

Who can function on 2 hours of sleep? Definitely not me. Or Derwin. We are two people that need our sleep and here we are with a child who still does not sleep through the night all the time. I'm running on empty most days, though I don't know how I do it. So far, Aidan is proving to be a pretty good sleeper - let's hope he keeps it up.

Kirsi is sick now, poor thing. She was totally fine yesterday. We had a friend of hers, Zane, come over and she was good. Once she had her shower, her nose started running and by 9:00 she had woken up three times and was super congested. We gave her some Motrin and hoped that it would do the trick. She woke up at 12:30 and could not settle down at all. So, we brought her into bed with us, thinking she would feel more comforted and be able to sleep better. No way. Instead, she completely woke up and was awake until 5:00 this morning!!!!! How can that be? I just don't get it. And then she was up for the day at 6:30! So, she had 5 1/2 hours of sleep last night. And us? We had 2 hours. And I have to tutor this afternoon for two hours and Derwin has his master's course until 8:00.

At least Aidan had his 12 hours of sleep last night!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New pictures

Here are a few new pictures of the kids...

And there are more up on Photobucket if you want to see!

Wacky Weather

The weather here has been really strange lately. I thought we were full blown into spring because we've had some gorgeous days that make you glad to be alive and outside. But yesterday, it was simply a gross day. It started out really foggy and chilly but not so bad. By late afternoon, the temperature had dropped, the mist had turned into a light rain and it was downright cold. It made wish the heat was still on!! We just dressed up really warmly and had a good day nonetheless. Good thing I hadn't put all the winter clothes away yet! Today, it's another beautiful sunny day. Crazy weather!

I got POOPED on at Jurong Bird Park & Mass - Singapore Day 3

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