Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Return home

Saturday was our last day and we were supposed to take one last horse ride before leaving the hacienda. I had arranged it the day before but obviously, the message didn't get to the men in charge of the horses as there weren't any waiting for us at 9:30 like planned. Thank goodness Kirsi is the kind of kid that is OK with plans that fall through, as long as you have a good explanation and an alternative activity. She was like, "OK, horsies not ready. Go jump on the trampoline!" So we spent our last morning there playing at the playground, which was tons of fun for Kirsi. Packing up didn't take long as we had started it the night before and had things somewhat ready to go. Der is the master packer, taking after his dad. :)

The drive home went pretty well. It made great time for the first half of the trip but by the afternoon, both kids were sick of being in the car so we had to make several stops. We got some good shots of some of the scenery that we had driven through earlier in the week. Chile is a beautiful country with some fantastic scenery, a lot like Canada is. We were glad to have been able to see another area of this country that is so different to what we know. If you want to see more pictures, you can go to our Photobucket account and click on the folder called "Norte Chico".

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