Monday, September 08, 2008

Fiesta Huasa

Saturday morning we went to visit our friends, Brett and Nicki, at their new place in the mountains. Kirsi and I made a raspberry coffee cake to take with us and then we headed out. It was a great morning, very relaxing and great company. Kirsi acted just like she does at home there, which is very surprising since she's usually very shy and reserved around people she doesn't see often. She was dancing up a storm and talking all the time. :)

In the afternoon, we headed to Nido to the Fiesta Huasa. Every year, the school hosts this event to celebrate Chile's national day on September 18th. There is lots of dancing, singing, Chilean food and entertainment. The highlight, though, was the horses. Kirsi loved watching them do different events (though we didn't see many in the time we were there) and petting them. The most exciting part was when Kirsi got to ride on a big, brown horsey. She was sooooo excited!

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