Monday, September 01, 2008


We've been trying to get Kirsi to go to sleep on her own at bedtime for a few nights now. Last night was so tough - she was sooooo upset with not having someone lay down with her. She cried and cried and was so worked up. It was really hard to see her like that. In the end, Der sat beside her bed and sang her a few songs until she fell asleep. Tonight, we were expecting another long night but it went surprisingly well. We all laid down in Kirsi's bed for stories, prayers and songs. I stayed in a little longer after Der and Aidan went out and I just talked to Kirsi and gave her a little more one-on-one attention. She was sad but she did OK with it...just a few tears. The good night turtle that has different star constellations that Auntie Kristin gave Kirsi for Christmas was a great diversion for Kirsi tonight. I only had to go in one time to put Kirsi back down. I laid down with her, sang her one more song and just cuddled with her. And I had to put her blanket up by her cheek, just like Aidan likes. And that was it. We heard her talking for a while in bed but she went down no problems.

It was like this when I transitioned her for nap time too. There was one really rough day and since then, she's been great at going to sleep on her own. Let's hope it's the same for bedtime.

Oh, and she got her cake at the birthday party. She was so excited for the cake, that's all she wanted to eat! :)
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