Friday, August 01, 2008

Official Chilean

Aidan is officially Chilean. His birth is registered with the government and he has his national identity number and card. Today we went to pick up his card from the office and applied for his Chilean passport. So, we have a Sri Lankan girl and a Chilean boy - how neat is that?!

Next week, we have to go and deal with getting his Canadian paperwork together, which is a much lengthier process. I remember the process I went through to get Kirsi's passport and citizenship - a major pain in the butt. Even though both Der and I are Canadians, born in Canada, our kids have to apply for citizenship because they were born outside of the country. The passport picture and the citizenship picture are two different sizes so you have to have the exact dimensions or they won't accept the pictures. Plus, you can't have any fingers showing so the parents can't be holding their little babies and their eyes have to be open. You can imagine how easy that is with a one-month-old baby and a light shining in his eyes! Oh, I'm not looking forward to that day next week. At least I know what to expect this time! Once we get the pictures, then I can head to the embassy and get all the paperwork dealt with. Let's hope I do it all right so I don't have to make any extra trips there.

Kirsi is still doing well with her potty training. She doesn't go all the time but she's letting us know more and more often when she has to go. It would be great if she were fully trained by the time Mom leaves; come on, Kirsi, we have three more weeks!! She's also working on going to bed by herself at nap time. She doesn't like it when Mommy doesn't stay with her till she falls asleep but she's learning to deal with it. She's in her room right now playing quietly with her babies and animals but not sleeping. We'll see if she ends up falling asleep or not.

Here are a few recent pictures of our kiddos...

Kirsi in her Germany dress:

Pretty girl:
Aidan Bear:

Look at those strong legs!

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