Friday, August 29, 2008

New additions to our family

In the past 2 1/2 months, we've had three additions to our family. Aidan was born June 20th. Then Travis, Der's brother, and Rhonda adopted Grace. And now my brother, Bruce, and Deanna had their little girl, Teagan. What a year for babies for our family! I can't wait to meet Grace and Teagan - it'll be so much fun. And I can't wait for everyone to meet our little Aidan Monkey. He'll be 6 months old the day we get back to Canada.

Speaking of Canada, yesterday, Kirsi was playing while I was nursing Aidan. She announced that she was going to Canada. I said, "Oh really? Have a good trip. I love you." She told me that she loved me too and then off she went. Canada was her play room. :)
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