Sunday, July 27, 2008

Starting a new routine

Thursday, Der went back to work so that meant the start of a new routine for us. Granted, my mom is still here but it's one less set of hands to help out during the day. I'll have a month to get used to it and then my mom goes back home. It's good that I'll have the transition period because it's going to take a lot of getting used to.

With Kirsi, I got a routine established pretty quickly. I knew what I needed to bring with me if we went out and I pretty quick at getting out of the house. But now, with two kids, it's a different story. I'll get one of the kids ready to go (usually Kirsi first) and then the other one, but in the meantime, someone needs something else. A dirty diaper, someone has spit up, a spilled drink, whatever. I have to get the timing down for this new ball game!! :) Right now, I need to anticipate an hour to get out of the house.

Aidan isn't really on a schedule at all. He tends to eat every 3 hours or so but it's not at any set time because his feedings throughout the night aren't the same all the time. And we still have some rough nights where he takes a long time to get back to sleep, which means that I'm super tired in the morning. Thankfully, those nights aren't too often any more.

Kirsi still looks forward to her outings so we try to get out at least once a day. She loves going for walks so that's an easy way to get out of the house. The shopping mall is still a highlight too, so we can always go there for a while and she'll be happy. We got back to going to playgroup on Thursday mornings also so she gets to see her friends then. Now that school has started again, we'll be able to get back to seeing our Nido friends too.

I would like to get into a habit of doing yoga with the kids every day. I did it religiously with Kirsi and we both loved it. I honestly think it helped her so much in her development so I'd like to keep it up with her and start it with Aidan. I'd also like to do it myself. I have my 6-week post-delivery appointment on Monday so I should get the go-ahead to start exercising and getting fit. We have the ellipitical trainer in the living room now (the only place it'll fit!!) so I want to do that at least 3 times a week too. I need to get back into shape - it's been far too long since I felt like I was somewhat fit.

The diet is a little tougher right now because I've had to make quite a few modifications to it to accomodate Aidan - no spices, no chocolate (though that's a good thing for the diet!), no citrus, no gaseous veggies and no sauces or foods with vinegar. It seems like decaf coffee in moderation is OK, thank goodness!! You don't realize how little flavour food has without herbs and spices. I had to do this with Kirsi too, but by the time she was three months old, I was able to slowly reintegrate foods. The only thing that I couldn't eat for a full year was chocolate, not necessarily a bad thing!
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