Sunday, July 20, 2008

One month old!

Aidan is one month old today. Wow! In some ways, it feels like he's been part of our family forever and in other ways it's so hard to believe that he's already a month old. He's getting bigger every day - his little legs are even starting to get a roll. :) His head is getting rounder and his cheeks are filling out, which makes his little dimples easier to see. We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his one-month checkup so we'll know how much he's grown then.

Since we got back from our little trip to Santa Cruz, we've been busy trying to fight off colds. Kirsi was the first to get one and she's still dealing with it. Der is now the one fighting off a nasty cold but he's having trouble sleeping so that isn't helping any at all! Poor little Aidan is also fighting off a cold but hopefully the antibodies from Mommy's milk will keep the worst of it away. So far, I've been able to avoid it but I'm being so anal retentive about keeping clean hands and not getting too close to Der or Kirsi.

We have great news - Der's mom's surgery went very, very well and she's recovering well also. Thank you to everyone who included our family in your thoughts and prayers.

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