Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of firsts in our house this week

We have had a great week of firsts in our house. Aidan is almost 6 weeks old and he's smiling now!! His first real smiles were on July 24th (Auntie Kathy's birthday), when he smiled a few different times. He now gives us a couple smiles a day. I love it when babies start to smile - those toothless grins are just too cute!! I can't wait till he starts smiling back at us. :)

Kirsi has been doing super well with her potty training the last week also. She's been peeing in the potty when we put her on it for a while now, but this week, she's been telling us when she has to go! She's gone poop in the potty almost every day now and knows to tell us. She loves doing the "poo poo dance" (a silly little dance and song that I made up the first time she did it) and getting stickers for her potty triumphs.

Yesterday was a huge milestone for Kirsi, and one that I hope we can keep up. She fell asleep on her own!!! Her nap time fell at about the same time that Aidan needed to eat so I told her that we had to hurry. We read two stories and then went to her bed to lay down and sing a song. She wasn't settling down at all and I knew Aidan would be crying very soon. So, I told her that she had to be a big girl and go to sleep on her own. I told her to sing to her babies and animals and that they could all have a nap together. I asked her if she wanted to do a tent with them too and she thought about it and said, "Yeah, sure!" She didn't want me to go but she understood that Aidan needed his lunch, just like Kirsi needed hers and that Mommy had to give it to him. Within 15 minutes, she was down. Woo hoo!!!
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