Saturday, July 12, 2008

Enough bad news for this family for a while

This past week has been a rough one for our family. First, it was Der having "bitchy bowels" as he calls it. He's over it now but it took a few days to get out of his system. Then, I had the rough bout with mastitis. I'm still on the antibiotics but at least I'm feeling better. Then, we got the news that Der's mom has to have surgery next week; we've got tons of people praying for a successful outcome. Anyone else wanting to join in the prayers is very welcome! And then, yesterday, Mom found out that her dog, Hunter, had to be put down because he had a stomach tumour and wasn't doing well at all. I think we've had enough bad news for a long time!!!

Aidan is growing every day. He's filling out and isn't that tiny newborn small anymore. His little cheeks are getting chubbier and you can really see his dimples now. Funny how he has dimples because no one in our immediate family has them. His dark hair seems to be sticking around; by this age, Kirsi was losing the hair she'd been born with and her light hair was starting to come in. Aidan has dark hair and long, dark eyelashes but his eyebrows are really blond. I wonder if he'll be light or dark. His eyelashes make me think of my brother Bruce's - dark, long and curling up.

Kirsi is so much fun to be around. She's quite the little girl! :) Every day, she comes up with new things to do and say. I've started to keep a quote book handy and writing anything funny or cute that she says there. My friend, Julie, gave me the idea and I think it's a great one, especially for us scrapbookers. Yesterday, we were in the car and were backing up. We saw a little dog on the street and Kirsi said, "Look out dog!" Just like a grown up. Our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. We need to get the video camera out and have it ready at all times too.

She's big into pretending now. She just started putting on my watch, looking at it and telling us what time it is. She takes out her play food and kitchen and makes us all something to eat. After she's done cooking it, she tells us, "Hot, hot! No touch! Blow on it!" It could be a muffin, chicken, hot dogs or coffee - it's always hot, hot. :)

We're having our first rainy day here in weeks. When Mom first got here (on Father's Day), it was cool for the first few days and a little rainy. But since Aidan's been born, the weather has been beautiful. Unfortunately, the warm, balmy weather means worse smog. So, this rain is welcome!
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