Friday, June 06, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I looked at our blog today and realized that we haven't updated it in a long, long time! I don't know what I've been so busy doing but obviously, it hasn't been writing!! ;)

Der's school year is winding down very quickly. Two weeks from today will be his last day of school for 4 1/2 weeks - yahoo!! I think I can speak for him in that this year has been a much easier one than last year but still super busy nonetheless. He's been helping everyone with end-of-year things and trying to get his own work done so he's been run pretty ragged. He has, however, done a fantastic job of not having to go in to work on the weekends and rarely has to bring work home or stay late. He is so busy during the day just to be able to come home and spend quality time with us.

I've been keeping busy too. I took an Argentinean cooking class a couple weeks ago. It was great to learn a few dishes, even if I won't make them often. Of course, there was a lot of meat prepared and I got some good BBQ tips, as the Argentineans are known for their BBQ. I've been slowly working on scrapbooking and my mosaics project but I'm so far behind. I just don't make the time to do them as much as I should. I'm so tired in the evenings that I don't have the motivation or creative energy to do much. I guess being pregnant will do that to you!

Speaking of pregnancy, we're almost there! The baby is due July 3rd so we're less than a month away. Since last weekend, I've been feeling a lot more discomfort and pressure than ever; even a few Braxton Hicks contractions! So I know the time is drawing near. I've started packing the hospital bag and have washed all the baby's clothes so those things are done and out of the way. Before we know it, our little guy will be here!!

My mom is coming to stay with us for a couple months, which will be great! She stayed with us for three months after Kirsi was born and it was such a help to have her around. Kirsi will love having Gramma around to play with and get some undivided attention from. She gets here on Father's Day, June 15th. Then we found out that Der's parents are PROBABLY going to come and visit us for a few weeks in August/September. That'll be fantastic too! We love seeing Kirsi with her grandparents - she has so much fun!

The weather here has been really bizarre. We have had days of rain, where it doesn't stop raining, then it clears up and the days are gorgeous, like today. It's actually really great because the steady rain clears the air and then we can enjoy a few days outside. It gets cold in the mornings and evenings but generally, the days aren't too cold yet. So far, it doesn't get nearly as cold in our new house as it did in the old one; that's a good thing for winter but I hope it doesn't get too hot in the summer time!

This afternoon, the teachers that Derwin works with are putting on a baby shower for him. What a great idea!! He doesn't know what to expect at all because he's never been to one so it'll be cute to see him as the guest of honour. Kirsi and I will join them as soon as she wakes up from her nap. It should be a fun afternoon! My friend, Monica, put on a baby shower for me this past Sunday and it was fabulous. There were 14 of us there and we had a great afternoon visiting, enjoying delicious food and just spending time with each other. The baby got some wonderful gifts from everyone; people are so generous when it comes to babies. Thank you so much to everyone!!!

I wanted to add some pictures but I can't remember what I have to get rid of for them to show up properly!! So, I'll have to wait until Der gets home so I can ask him. You'll have a wait a while to see recent pictures of my belly and our little Kirsi Bear.
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