Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Derwin's third Father's Day started out with him sleeping in until 8:00. Yes, sleeping in until 8:00. In our house, that's quite an accomplishment! He could have slept longer because he wasn't able to fall asleep until super late on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I woke him up with a glass pan smashing onto the tile floor in the kitchen. What a way to wake up! Kirsi and I had been busy until then. We painted a Father's Day card for him and then made him some raspberry muffins to eat for breakfast.

Kirsi and I left for the airport to pick up my mom at 10:00 so Der had a couple hours at home. He and Simba enjoyed a beautiful morning walk and spent some time outside cleaning up. He had a short afternoon nap and then hung out until everyone else woke up from their naps. Then we went out for supper to celebrate. It was a very low-key day but nice nonetheless.

My mom arrived safe and sound after two good flights. She actually made it through customs really quickly and was waiting 10 minutes for Kirsi and me! She brought lots of goodies for us, as usual; it's like having Christmas any time we get visitors! :) It's great to have her here with us again. Kirsi had to show off for Gramma most of the day yesterday but she's now used to having Gramma around. Now, though, Gramma has to do everything - buckle her in her carseat, take her out, do her hair - and she has to show Gramma everything. It's so cute!

Mom is surprised at how much Kirsi has grown up in the few months since she was last here. Kirsi's speech has come a long way and she's doing so much on her own - getting dressed, putting her shoes on, choosing her clothes, brushing her teeth, getting something to eat, cleaning up.

Tomorrow I go for another ultrasound, this time to see how big the baby is and just to check on everything. I'll let you know how that goes but I'm sure it'll all be good. I'm just hoping that the baby isn't too big yet - I still have a couple more weeks left!!
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