Tuesday, June 17, 2008

38-week ultrasound

This morning, I went to the hospital for my 38-week ultrasound. I'm actually at 37 weeks + 5 days. The doctor that I go to for my "big" ultrasounds is great - he's a very gentle man and he takes the time to explain everything and to go over the report at the end of the ultrasound. He said that everything looks really good with the baby and with me. The baby is measuring on track, at the 75% for Chile, which is likely about 50th in North America!! He weighs just over 3.5 kg as of today so the doctor is estimating that he'll be about 3.75 kg at 40 weeks (for those of you on pounds, it's about 8.3 lbs). Kirsi weighed 3.3 kg at birth (7.3 lbs) so this guy could weigh a pound more than she did. The thing is, the doctor estimated her weighing nearly 4 kg according to the ultrasound and she was quite a bit less. So you never know!

That's good news because I know he won't be too big and that makes my chances of a normal delivery a lot higher. If the baby weighs over 4 kg here, they prefer to do a c-section. I'm not sure of the real reasons - I need to ask my doctor point blank to see what he says.

There is still plenty of amniotic fluid and the placenta looks good too so I may be going full term (or longer) with this baby. With Kirsi at this point in the pregnancy, the fluid was getting low and the placenta was starting to get old and that's why I was induced. This time around, it looks like it'll happen on its own, unless something big changes. We're hoping that the baby comes earlier rather than later because Der is on holidays for 5 weeks, starting this Saturday. So the more time he can be at home once the baby is born, the better!
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