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First shopping trip

Today, Kirsi, Gramma, Aidan and I made our first shopping trip together. We wanted to pick up a couple gifts for our doctor and midwife so it was going to be a short trip anyways, but we wanted to see how we'd do. Aidan did awesome in the Moby wrap (it's a type of baby sling); he was snuggled right in and slept the whole time we were gone. What I love about the Moby wrap is that the cloth covers your shoulders and it wraps widely around your hips and back so the weight is more evenly distributed. I don't get sore at all from it.

Kirsi is normally such an awesome kid when we go shopping. She asks to go to the shopping mall and behaves so well. She walks right beside me and is totally entertained the whole time (as long as I don't make it too long and there are snacks available). Today was a different story. She didn't want to listen to me, she kept pulling on my arm and then had a few fits when she didn't get her way. She had two chances to stop the fits…

First Days at Home

We've been at home for 2 days now and things are going well. We left the hospital on Monday at noon and it was a welcome change, believe me! As helpful and nice as the staff was at the hospital, it was still annoying to be woken up in the middle of the night to get my blood pressure or temperature taken. It would take me at least half an hour to fall asleep again so in the end, I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I thought I would have.

It was great to come home and bring Aidan with us. Simba wasn't too sure about this new little baby but after a few sniffs, he seemed to be OK. It definitely was easier with Aidan than it was with Kirsi! :) One of our friends has organized a "dinner brigade" for us. We have had fresh dinners brought to us every night since we've been home from the hospital and it has been wonderful. A couple friends who left for holidays gave us meals to freeze and pull out when we need them. We did this for my friend who had a baby…

Aidan's Arrival

Der and I are proud new parents of our little boy, Aidan Matteo! He arrived last night, June 20th, at 19:16, weighing in at 3.80 kg (8.3 lbs) and measuring 51.5 cm.

My contractions started early in the morning but I didn't realize that they were contractions until about 2:30. That's when I woke up Der and we started timing them - they were from 30 to 50 seconds long, 6 to 9 minutes apart. My midwife, Rosemarie, had told us that we should go to the hospital when the contractions were a minute long, 5 minutes apart so we figured we still had some time. We kept timing them but they slowed down so we thought it might be a false alarm. So, we had the kids I tutored over for our good-bye party that we had planned and it went really well. By noon, I decided to call Rosemarie, just to let her know what was happening. She told us to come in at 2:00 so that she could check me. [Aidan came in to feed so Der is taking over the writing now] So, we went in and had a quick exam. I was…

38-week ultrasound

This morning, I went to the hospital for my 38-week ultrasound. I'm actually at 37 weeks + 5 days. The doctor that I go to for my "big" ultrasounds is great - he's a very gentle man and he takes the time to explain everything and to go over the report at the end of the ultrasound. He said that everything looks really good with the baby and with me. The baby is measuring on track, at the 75% for Chile, which is likely about 50th in North America!! He weighs just over 3.5 kg as of today so the doctor is estimating that he'll be about 3.75 kg at 40 weeks (for those of you on pounds, it's about 8.3 lbs). Kirsi weighed 3.3 kg at birth (7.3 lbs) so this guy could weigh a pound more than she did. The thing is, the doctor estimated her weighing nearly 4 kg according to the ultrasound and she was quite a bit less. So you never know!

That's good news because I know he won't be too big and that makes my chances of a normal delivery a lot higher. If the b…

Father's Day

Derwin's third Father's Day started out with him sleeping in until 8:00. Yes, sleeping in until 8:00. In our house, that's quite an accomplishment! He could have slept longer because he wasn't able to fall asleep until super late on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I woke him up with a glass pan smashing onto the tile floor in the kitchen. What a way to wake up! Kirsi and I had been busy until then. We painted a Father's Day card for him and then made him some raspberry muffins to eat for breakfast.

Kirsi and I left for the airport to pick up my mom at 10:00 so Der had a couple hours at home. He and Simba enjoyed a beautiful morning walk and spent some time outside cleaning up. He had a short afternoon nap and then hung out until everyone else woke up from their naps. Then we went out for supper to celebrate. It was a very low-key day but nice nonetheless.

My mom arrived safe and sound after two good flights. She actually made it through customs really qu…

Interactive Children's Museum

This morning, Kirsi and I went to the MIM, the Interactive Children's Museum, with Asher, Liesl and Julie. We had never been there before so I was really looking forward to it. It's quite far from where we live, at least a 30 minute drive, but Julie and I made it there without any problems so we were very happy! It's a really neat museum, though geared for kids older than Kirsi. There was a section that was more toddler-friendly, which was good, but we went through the whole museum and the kids seemed to have fun just looking at all the different activities.

We didn't choose a great day, though, because it was full of school groups. I think there must have been a discount for schools today or something because it was packed with kids in different uniforms! Unfortunately, the kids were not particularly well behaved either so we had to keep close tabs on Kirsi and Asher. It was pretty much a free-for-all for all the kids, while many of th…

Time for a few pictures

So I figured out what I was doing wrong, thanks, of course, to my darling husband! Now, I just have to remember which code to put in from now on!!

Here's a belly pic, taken about 3 weeks ago:

Our little gardener, all dressed for work:

First time in curlers:

Kirsi wearing her pretty bows:

Where has the time gone?

I looked at our blog today and realized that we haven't updated it in a long, long time! I don't know what I've been so busy doing but obviously, it hasn't been writing!! ;)

Der's school year is winding down very quickly. Two weeks from today will be his last day of school for 4 1/2 weeks - yahoo!! I think I can speak for him in that this year has been a much easier one than last year but still super busy nonetheless. He's been helping everyone with end-of-year things and trying to get his own work done so he's been run pretty ragged. He has, however, done a fantastic job of not having to go in to work on the weekends and rarely has to bring work home or stay late. He is so busy during the day just to be able to come home and spend quality time with us.

I've been keeping busy too. I took an Argentinean cooking class a couple weeks ago. It was great to learn a few dishes, even if I won't make them often. Of course, there was a lot of meat pre…