Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Morning to Myself

This morning, Derwin has a basketball game and I wanted to get some work done at home. Agustina will be there with her nanny, Jessi, so Kirsi got to go to the game and she was very excited. She hasn't seen Agu for quite a while now so she was happy to get the chance to play with her at a basketball game - two cool things in one!!

My plan was to tackle the huge mountain of laundry that we have since Der got the washing machine all hooked up last night and then sort out the playroom/baby's room so we can actually walk in it. I did one load of laundry and noticed that it's leaking in a different spot now so I can't do any more until Der gets back to fix that. I did get to the baby's room and got a few things done but most of the stuff in there actually are boxes that need to go upstairs. So that means I need to wait for Der to carry them upstairs before I can go ahead with those.

Now that my two plans of attack have been foiled, I have to make a decision. What to do with my morning? This is the first time in a very long time that I have been alone with only Simba for company and not know exactly what to do. (Yes, I was alone a few weeks ago when I went for my glucose test but I felt so yucky that I just slept so that doesn't count!) I made myself a cup of coffee and am getting caught up on computer time and then will start reading my book for book club, which is this coming week. It's going to be a wonderful day!!! :)
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