Saturday, May 10, 2008


The woman that I chose to help out in Kiva is from Cambodia. She has a child but it doesn't sound like a husband is in the picture. Here is the update I got this morning from Kiva:
Ms. Phoy, 33, is selling vegetable in Phnom Penh market. She borrowed a loan of $400 to buy produce from farmer to resell at the market in Phnom Penh. She can afford to buy a large amount of produce at one and earn much more income so far. Her previous payment has found no problem. Her living condition is increasing day to day and the current income is used to buy food, clothes, rice…etc for the family. In addition, she has enough money to support a child to study part-time in a private class. Ms. Phoy has saved some money to reinvest on her business as well.

It makes me feel so good that such a small thing can make such a difference for someone.
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