Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, I had a perfect Mother's Day. We started the day early, as usual. :) I read (skimmed, actually) a week's worth of newspapers that I hadn't had the time to do and enjoyed a cinnamon roll. We went to church in the morning and it was a really good homily yesterday. Derwin and I had lots to discuss afterwards, which doesn't always happen. We decided to pick up subs for lunch on the go and I got a Starbucks coffee too!

We spent the afternoon at the Buin Zoo, which is located about 30 km south of Santiago. It took us forever to get there because there was an accident on the highway so they were diverting traffic onto a side road. It turned out OK, though, because Kirsi had a longer nap and Der and I ate our subs in the car. The zoo was really nice - they had some neat animals and it was pretty spread out so it made for a good afternoon activity. It wasn't too crowded at all, which was great, and the animals were semi-active. We had perfect weather for it - about 20C, sunny but not too hot. Kirsi really enjoyed seeing all the animals, being the animal lover that she is. She got a bit nervous when a llama came right up to us and kept sniffing her legs and me. And she got really scared when a mama baboon ran down a log, jumped onto the fence and started screaming (and this happened right in front of us)! She clung to Derwin for a while after that. She got the courage to pet a little goat and an alpaca (which are super soft!!) but only because Daddy was doing it too. At first, she only wanted to ride in her stroller, which was surprising to us but then she decided that it was time to walk and she ended up doing about half of it on her own. We ended up spending about 2 1/2 hours at the zoo, which was perfect.

Then we went out for dinner to Pizza Si, a cute little Italian place that opens early, a rarity here. I ordered a pasta dish and Der and Kirsi shared a pizza. It was a perfect Mother's Day all the way around! I love my husband and little girl so much - they made it a fantastic day.
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