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Our new house

Visit to the Buin Zoo

We were able to spend a great day at the Buin Zoo on Mother's Day. Perfect autumn weather and a nice supper out helped to make it a perfect day.

Here's the video...enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday, I had a perfect Mother's Day. We started the day early, as usual. :) I read (skimmed, actually) a week's worth of newspapers that I hadn't had the time to do and enjoyed a cinnamon roll. We went to church in the morning and it was a really good homily yesterday. Derwin and I had lots to discuss afterwards, which doesn't always happen. We decided to pick up subs for lunch on the go and I got a Starbucks coffee too!

We spent the afternoon at the Buin Zoo, which is located about 30 km south of Santiago. It took us forever to get there because there was an accident on the highway so they were diverting traffic onto a side road. It turned out OK, though, because Kirsi had a longer nap and Der and I ate our subs in the car. The zoo was really nice - they had some neat animals and it was pretty spread out so it made for a good afternoon activity. It wasn't too crowded at all, which was great, and the animals were semi-active. We had perfect weather f…


The woman that I chose to help out in Kiva is from Cambodia. She has a child but it doesn't sound like a husband is in the picture. Here is the update I got this morning from Kiva:
Ms. Phoy, 33, is selling vegetable in Phnom Penh market. She borrowed aloan of $400 to buy produce from farmer to resell at the market inPhnom Penh.She can afford to buy a large amount of produce at one and earn muchmore income so far. Her previous payment has found no problem. Herliving condition is increasing day to day and the current income isused to buy food, clothes, rice…etc for the family.In addition, she has enough money to support a child to study part-timein a private class. Ms. Phoy has saved some money to reinvest on herbusiness as well.

It makes me feel so good that such a small thing can make such a difference for someone.

A Morning to Myself

This morning, Derwin has a basketball game and I wanted to get some work done at home. Agustina will be there with her nanny, Jessi, so Kirsi got to go to the game and she was very excited. She hasn't seen Agu for quite a while now so she was happy to get the chance to play with her at a basketball game - two cool things in one!!

My plan was to tackle the huge mountain of laundry that we have since Der got the washing machine all hooked up last night and then sort out the playroom/baby's room so we can actually walk in it. I did one load of laundry and noticed that it's leaking in a different spot now so I can't do any more until Der gets back to fix that. I did get to the baby's room and got a few things done but most of the stuff in there actually are boxes that need to go upstairs. So that means I need to wait for Der to carry them upstairs before I can go ahead with those.

Now that my two plans of attack have been foiled, I have to make a decision. What to…

Keeping Busy

This morning, Kirsi and I are off to a birthday party. Kirsi's playgroup buddy, Asher, is having his 3rd birthday party at a bookstore this morning so it should be a lot of fun! We have to make him his birthday card this morning before we get going. :)

Yesterday, Kirsi and I were busy little beavers. We did some unpacking first thing and then made an angel food cake for Kiddie Yoga. Then we had a ton of errands to run at the mall - got keys cut, paid a bill, took some things back to the hardware store, went to the bank. We were both pooped when we got home! Then after school, we had to pick up the food that was in a friend's freezer and then get ready to go. We went to Caroline and Elizabeth's house for yoga last night. It was a lot of fun and the girls had a good time playing together.

As for the move, we're getting there. Most boxes are unpacked and we're getting things in place. We need to get curtains on the windows and the washing machine hooked up p…

The move is done

It’s done. We have moved from our old house to the new one and let me say, it was quite the weekend. Der and I spent most of Thursday and all of Friday getting ready for the move. We (well, Derwin did most of it) emptied out some rooms and made piles of things that should be packed together, to make it easier and faster for when the movers came. On Friday morning, we picked up the keys for the new house and went through and did the inventory. It’s amazing how observant you have to be when you do it. You have to look for the smallest thing – crack in the ceiling paint, marks on the counter tops, scratches on the floor. If you don’t have it noted in the inventory, you’ll be responsible for it when you move out.

The plan was for the packers to come at 2:00 on Friday afternoon and get everything packed up and then at 8:30 on Saturday morning, they were to come back and move everything to the new place. Of course, nothing went according to plan. They showed up just before 5:00; ap…