Sunday, April 06, 2008


This feces sounding title actually stands for Southern Cone Athletic Conference. It was supposed to include teams just in the south of South America but now includes teams from international schools in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. These tournaments are great!

The students are always good and although there were an unusual number of hurt players the tournament was really well run and a success.

I'm assistant coach for the girls and we finished 2nd in the round robin and 2nd overall losing to Lincoln (Argentina) for the 2nd straight year. I still think that we are a better basketball team but could not beat their 2-3 zone defense and lost by 4. It was disappointing for players and coaches alike.

This is Kirsi with our very own Nido Eagle cheering on the teams. Kirsi wasn't too sure about the eagle but went along with it. She loved watching the games and made a very nice card for all of the girls on the team wishing them luck. She's now a big basketball fan, which makes Daddy happy.

I loved coaching the team. They're all great girls and very coachable. We still have League Catolica (Santiago city league) to play so there's lots of basketball left.

Overall, it was still a great experience for us all. Now it's back to teaching next week...I think I forgot how!
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