Monday, April 07, 2008

Playground Bully

Kirsi got beat on at the playground today. Sad, but true. We went to the grocery store to get a few things and then she got to play at the play structure in the mall, which she absolutely loves to do. There were quite a few little kids there so I was watching her carefully. There were a couple other moms there too who kept a super close eye on their kids - a rarity here - so it was all fine. This one little boy pushed her a little bit but his mom scolded him right away and Kirsi didn't seem too affected by it. A little while later, I saw the mom moving really fast and then I saw through some of the bars that he had a hold of Kirsi's hair!! He didn't just pull it and let go - he was dragging her around by the hair! Poor little thing! Of course, she was sobbing and super upset. The other mom climbed up into the play structure to get her son to let go and I got Kirsi to come to me for some consoling. The mom dealt with it really well; she brought her son over to see how he had hurt Kirsi and told him that they were going home and no more playground for him. It's still hard to see your little one get hurt though. :( She got over it, though, especially because he wasn't there anymore, so we stayed longer for her to keep playing. Afterwards, Kirsi said a couple times that the boy pulled her hair and that it hurt. Life lessons in a 2-year-old's world, eh?

Our house saga continues. We had put an offer in on a house - the pool house for those who know all the details - last Wednesday. The real estate agency taking care of the deal does things differently than most places here - they want the cheque for the damage deposit when you make the offer rather than when you sign the contract. Apparently, though, it's all fine, just a different way of doing things. So, I went in on Friday to give the cheque and sign the offer. It was all depending on whether or not the landlord would put up a high fence around the pool. I explained to them several times that we have small children and that we did not want the house unless a safe gate were put up around the pool, meaning at least 1.5 metres high and with the bars close together. This apparently was not clear enough and I'm still dealing with the agent over this. I got super upset with him on the phone and told him that either he doesn't understand me or just doesn't want to do it!

We're at the point where we're ready to withdraw the offer and go with the other house we were considering (and thankfully it's still available). We're going to meet with the agent and the guy who's going to put up the fence this afternoon and I'm going to explain it one last time. If it is still an argument or if I get any more bad vibes, we're going to retract the offer, get our cheque back and go with the other house. I just don't want to deal with this anymore. I want the house chosen and the contract signed so I can start dealing with the moving process. Plus, I've had it with the stress. Being pregnant is emotional enough but dealing with all this while pregnant is not fun!!
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