Monday, April 14, 2008

The contract is signed

Woo hoo!! You cannot understand how relieved I am! This whole house process has been very stressful and this is a huge step to having it finished. Now we need to get the landlord's signature on the contract, which will come at the end of the week when he's back in the country. We've had some issues with the agency giving us the run-around so I'm hoping that this is the end of that and we can start fresh with them.

The move-in date is May 3rd. Thankfully, Der has a long weekend then so we'll be able to do a lot of the little things together before the big day. We're going to get a moving company to help us with the move. I've got two companies coming in this week to give us an estimate. Hopefully it won't be too much to have them pack and unpack our things - it will make life much, much easier. Once we get the estimates, then we have to get a letter from our current landlord saying we've left the place in good shape and everything has been paid. Then we head to the police to get a letter saying we can move and then we should be good to go. I will be very relieved once the whole process is over. Then it'll just be getting ready for Baby to come!

We went to the doctor today and all is good. I went for my glucose test on Saturday and the results came back normal - yay! It still looks like Baby will get here the beginning of July.
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